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He did not over sudden the crow goes gro- goes thirsty. Thursday, nego- don't mind Zoltin. He likes to say a lot of things. None of them. Interesting. Often the case. Don't you talk to me like that? A pleasure. My father friend. My name's Brown. Come along get to my place. We'll we'll have her. All right. Let's let's go Ronca give the man's canteen. All right. It's a short trip you come out of that salty area. And then it's hard scrubland. So Brown he feeds you some stew and gets y'all settled. And then he said, so you all must be must be friends of the gunslinger then. I can't say. Kim familiar with with him. Roland is name is Roland of Gilead. Everybody out here. Familiar with squad legend. Shall we say new to the neighborhood? Well, I'm sure he'll be around here. Eventually one of his agents. Here by by someone who said there's. Something terrible happening a threat threat to the world. Would you know anything about that? Real world has moved on as they say. The beams you see the beams or endanger six of them Vardi been destroyed only two left. Imagine. That's why role in won't you? Are you a powerful person of some kind? I'd say it's much though. I can't say I appreciate being a brought somewhere nearly against my will. The involvement of innocence, such as a my friend. Here are imagine that would be very unpleasant will listen all that can tell you is is that you welcome to stay in my place for the evening. We could tell some stories, and then you hear a knock at the door. Oh, well, I guess visit might be cut short. He goes opens the door and. And you see what looks like a friggin gunslinger from the movies. Except like homemade close real dusty look-in Scott dirt on him. The handsome young guy. Priorities. As soon as he sees you his face lights up, and he looks back over his shoulder, and he's like Susanna they're here. And he's got a New York accent. Goes eight Brown done Goodman, real good any walks in. He gives you both a look, and you could tell things like you both pretty attractive. Veronica specially. And then he goes my name's Eddie Eddie dean. Welcome to mid world. It feel like then like some like theme song comes in. Totally got to have a theme. So. Right. Andrea. Thanks so much fun. Yeah. Can't wait to have you on the big show. We're going to take for the first time in June. And we might do a few supplemental things in between now. And then, but I don't know win folks can expect to hear this. But when you are listening to this listener, I hope you're having a good time. Stay tuned. We'll have a whole wild cast of of experience podcasters in relative newcomers and think you're going to really love it. So andrea. Have a wonderful week. Thanks. This is my first time on any sort of podcast. So I did. Yeah. I hope I did. All right. Will. Yeah. See you soon. Great day. I'm definitely going to be gesturing a lot just to myself in character. Just through my deck of cards. Fifty two pick out..

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