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Find out. Oh, I'll tell you. I know I'm not so always tell you. Oh, Oh. he tried to make me into like Daniel jumping Daniel Jones with John Elway. I never said that I just had January Jones is quarterback ahead of Ryan Finley. And he liked Finley doesn't mean I think he's an standout quarterback in the NFL. So he's always in this Jones thing on me. But Brian burns Brian burns from Florida state. I know Todd says then Schranz like talk about speed the power, and he's not that kind of guys speed Russia is not a power guy Brian burns. Vic Beasley Bruce Irvin. That's who he is. I've been the mid I know Assad didn't seem to be sold on Brian burns. I'm not sure Lynch them, and I like Jonathan Abram safety Mississippi State, I think he likes. But I haven't been the first round to the eagles. We'll say, but I said he doesn't look at my stuff. I don't look at his stuff. We have podcast, and we'd go back and forth and say, oh, you really at the end of the day. I ROY don't know who he loves and who doesn't love and I don't think he feels. He knows. He always wants you to think he knows what I'm thinking. Ryan, buddy. Roy doesn't. All right. We got there though, we got a couple of names down final thought here. Do you think Josh Allen from Kentucky will suffer in the draft this year because of what Josh Allen has done from from Wyoming? Why would he suffer? I'm just totally messing with the. Josh Allens a franchise quarterback. They hope they get a franchise player. Josh allen. Their Buffalo's thrilled with their guy that they got. We'll see what the what the I don't know if the jets are doing it three Ryan or trading the pick. Are they keeping the pick? Everybody seems to think they wanna trade out a three and moved down to an that'll allow somebody to jump in. And get Wayne Haskins. We'll see on that. But Josh Allens heck of a player. He went from seven sacks seventeen sacks became unblock -able. He's got a great attitude. Great approach Oakland would probably love to have him at four because they need that guy to make up for Khalil Mack loss. I somebody. Let's face. It Ryan Haskins and Murray gona top three a pretty good defensive players drop in the six. So again, you can't have them all go to quarterbacks when a top three. You got Bosa Quinton Williams. Devon white. Josh Allen that's four for three spots..

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