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Shows that even though gold mining requires more energy in total if you look at a similar level you would actually find that bitcoin mining is more energy intensive than gold mining that's very interesting i did a quick calculation on some numbers i found arek and it was about a kilowatt hour per dollar of gold that you mind which is a rates just to mine bitcoin you would need about eighty thousand kilowatt hours of electrical energy and if you want to mind one bitcoin words of gold you only need ten thousand kilowatt hour word of electrical energy so let's actually quite a difference it is extraordinarily is there a point where you get to peek bitcoin where basically the electricity bills too high to marry it the more i think we're getting close to that point already i mean i'm estimating that by the end of the year there's network will be consuming around half a percentage of the walls electrical energy consumption and in my book that's pretty gigantic number especially given all our efforts to meet all these climate dole's annexed difference you're listening to the science afrin the bbc with me money chesterton still to come we'll have the latest on the cases of a bowler in the democratic republic of congo and we'll be asking what lessons have we learned since the last major outbreak that's in just a moment from italy could brain scans identify people likely to develop outsiders disease giving them the chance to manage their quality of life.

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