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And as i like to tell you enjoy sports betting it's a lot of fun it as another dimension to watching the game but please make it your entertainment and not your lifestyle okay. Let's get back to the show big matches coming up boxing day and the day after. That's the twenty six and the twenty seven. The marquee match one might say would be also chelsea but really less dimensional. United is the marquee match Yeah the big. London dhabi between awful and chelsea dhabi. This isn't also tottenham a little bit different but this is still adobe but less demand united critically important. We're gonna learn a lot about where we're going to sit in the league at the end of this game we're gonna find out if united are the bubble that is going to burst or if they are the real deal. And what a goal in mid week. Really edison cavani proving his worth beating pushing united through with a last minute goal in their league cup victory. It was a terrific performance by the way from a united team. That truly does seem to be gelling. But we've got plenty of time to get into all of the matches which we are going to do. A couple of pieces of news worthy of discussion. Let's start shall we with the easy news. And that is the situation at chelsea football club where rumors are coming hard and fast that chelsea how serious contenders for erling haaland. Who's currently this young female strike. If you've ever seen if you've never seen this guy play do yourself a favor check it out. He is unbelievable stats and assuming behold he is a wonderful player. Young future messy like talent and i know. That's a lot of pressure to put on the rubber narrow shoulders of a twenty year old. But really this guy has it. All chelsea joined the race for him man city also into sign him apparently in order to free up the money and remember chelsea is a guy that chelsea his own by a guy that for many is dominated the premier league in terms of spending to about roman abramovich. But now they've got to work a bit harder internally to spend a splash the cash in order to do that. It has been reported on sky. Sports that chelsea are prepared to sell. Okay you ready for this. Ross barkley a marco alonzo antonio ruediger. Andreas christianson jeanniot. And danny drinkwater as well as victimizes chelsea willing to sell all of these players to raise the money to sign not only erling haaland but also declan rice. Now we're gonna learn a lot about this this weekend because chelsea also is a also chelsea. He's a big big match. And i think. Frank lampard is. I think his goal this season they can talk about the title but i think his gold seriously as top four. So it's gonna be fascinating to see. Keep your eyes on this story with january window opening up very shortly we could see a big move here. I would be shocked. If hollande moves in january but let's wait and see a livable apparently interested in signing ada. Towel the twenty year old brazilian defender currently at real madrid. And also ezekiel awry. Apparently Set to join liverpool. He's a free agent currently also being reported by the liverpool echo that they want to sign a stephan badge tech. Who's a sixteen year old defender from celta vigo. I don't think that's they're looking at that as one for this season all right. Let's move onto the next stories. Though because thomas toco has been fired from paris saint germain now. They currently sit third in laliga. They've had a couple of disappointing results. We will all agree. But they'll one point behind the top at laliga with a lot of the lollygag league. Excuse me it's the holiday season folks lot of the season still to play and you have to assume they're going to win a league on once again without a problem. I mean i certainly do. They finished top of group in the champions league and yet they had a couple of disappointing results certainly And since two call has been at the helm. I'm just grabbing a couple of notes. Here that i made about this. By the way since to spend a helm. I want to league titles of french cup and a league cup and made the final. The champions league which is not really too bad when you think about it. I think what you're finding. Here is the difference between expectation. Reality the difficulties of forging a team in the fire of league on which is not the strongest league in the world and trying to win the biggest strongest toughest club tournament in his in existence. Which is the champions league. And they've done very well. All things considered yes. They have incredible talented neeman. Imbaba a whole crew of supporting characters. That are incredibly good. The but i think what to call is having difficulty navigating the expectations and the politics of the job rather than the job itself earlier this week gave an interview with a german. Tv station and said he felt more like a sports politician or sports minister during a coach and apparently this caused enormous consternation. Back of the club is owned by middle east manages and a middle middle eastern owners. In case you didn't know this and added on top of an earlier falling out. He had earlier on in last summer or an end of summer at the close of the window where he apparently had a massive fight with leonardo who is the sporting director of the club around transfers. He has now found himself sat just a few months shy of his contract being expired and that to me is an absolutely insane insane thing to do because they probably have to pay him a payout said etc etc. But mind you qatari. Sports investments the people that own. Psg probably don't give a rat's behind about the amount of money they have to pay to get rid of him. But let me put it to you in this way. Thomas toco among league one managers has the highest average points per game tied only with emory. And you may remember was sort of the handpicked. Successor at also and that didn't work out and the highest percentage win rate percentage in the history of leave on a seventy five point six percent. This guy has been fired folks now. Maria is scheduled supposed to expected to take over the helm and that will be one less manager available in the premier league.

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