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You know, people say necessity is the mother of invention. But that's not always true. Sometimes the mother of invention is advertising. Yeah. Or pure accident. How about ego maniacal delusion? Absolutely. Or just a desperate longing. To be cool. I'm Robert lamb, and I'm Joe McCormick. You're the host of the science podcasts stuff to blow your mind. And now we're branching off into the exploration of invention. Invention is the story of human history told one piece of technology at a time the things we made and how they made us invention publishes every Monday, listen and subscribe to invention on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you find your podcasts. There were multiple times. The search parties came here and scoured bluffs with fancy helicopters and airplanes and boats and everything else. But in the end, what really was was ocean stirring things up and coming down again, and then diligent people looking knowing that I know of witness the accident. That's that's the word every time. I go by there. I think those poor kids. It's the part about those kids losing their life that I think of. Because even though all of it and all the search and rescue and all the people who came here. What I remember is because I'm a father, the most important thing is that those kids don't go home, and they don't have a life. So I don't know what happened. But I know that that's the end result of all of it. Valentine HALE also known as how he's the owner of vows towing and the west port community store, which is the social hub of the town where the hearts died. He had a bird's eye view of what happened in the aftermath of the crash. It turns out just seen. And I weren't the only ones who couldn't stop thinking about this case people from his far away as Italy and Australia wondered what had happened to the hearts and were worried about Hannah and devante whose whereabouts were still unknown. But in January two thousand nineteen almost ten months after the crash officials announced that foot discovered near the crash site belong to Hannah. Devante body has not been found from glamour and how stuff works. This is broken hearts. I'm Liz Egan. And I'm Justin Harman, our focus was on finding the kids because we mainstream media did not seem interested. And there wasn't a lot of articles about it. And I thought how can they just be written? That's atlas who started a Facebook group called finding the missing heart children and honoring the heart children back in April, the heart story piqued her interest. Mostly because she felt there wasn't enough urgency to the search for the missing kids. Amy's group now has two hundred seventy four members. There are other groups so many others heart family case discussion, which has one thousand four hundred eleven members heart family case discussion this time in all caps with one hundred seventy members what happened to the hearts their history. The crash the kids four hundred ninety members heart family crash theories one hundred one members and let the heart shine. A two hundred twenty three member closed group for people who quote, loved new or were connected to the Hart family in some way in order to get into this one. You have to explain how you knew the hearts Lauren and Liz tried and failed. Apparently, it wasn't enough to have examined every photo read every article and even taken a virtual tour of their house via an old real estate listing. Because no matter how much we felt like we knew the hearts, we didn't actually know them at all. Laughed spring. I joined to Facebook groups at the time they were at peak activity, but conversation in both. Forums remains busy to this day with dozens of comments following each picture or post in both groups there's a lot of discussion about adoption about Jenin Sarah's history of child abuse about whether or not they were racist and about whether or not the drive over the cliff was premeditated. Or spontaneous did Sarah know what John was planning to do was one of them terminally. Ill members even reached out to the dekalb's about organizing a search party. They debated about the hearts financial situation, their clothing, their smiles their sleeping arrangements, the contents of their refrigerator their decor. And even why Jenin Sarah let their chickens roam free in the house. For months, I read every post and all the comments in both groups, I was the quintessential lurker never contributing to the conversation myself, but still going numb while I poured over pictures of the hearts in happier times. There are a lot of disagreements in the heart. Facebook groups several women, and they're almost all women as far as I can tell our members in other groups too and tensions rise when a member of one group share secrets with another group and were trickles back to the original group. There's discussion about who's racist and classicist and who's not and who's even entitled to level this charge in the first place. The groups are pretty diverse both racially NGO graphically, the most incendiary debate arises again, and again, and again in the conversation goes on and on and on when someone suggests they might feel a shred of sympathy for Jenin, Sarah, these people are swiftly attacked flamed to the point of. Being charbroiled the prevailing senses, the heart moms were monsters, and if you don't agree you should go. Start your own discussion group for friends of mass murderers as much as I wonder why Jen kept her foot on the gas. I also wonder what drives someone to invest so much time interacting with complete strangers online seven months after the accident before Hannah's foot was positively identified. I decided to check in with Amy atlas to find out. The group is called finding the missing heart children and honoring the heart children. The short term goal were to find Sierra. Devante an Hannah. Now, Dan Hannah sincere has been found and also honoring all the children for the abuse and doored, and so that they did not die in vain through longer term solutions, such as you know, homeschool regulations or up shin reform, I think that at maximum capacity who probably had maybe it was five hundred people. We asked people what their skills were from, you know, being the grant writer, a lawyer somebody who's worked in the legislature to somebody's who's worked in social services community. You name it we asked what people skills were. And or courting to that. We would assign people different responsibilities at the peak level. I would absolutely say, you know, myself and a few others who are working on this twenty hours a day. So we were sleeping for hours. And we were doing this fulltime twenty hours a day. That is a serious commitment for someone with a family a career a life. Amy is a mom of two and a cookbook author who happens to have lottery there really were only about four hundred that were in the core group like stand up twenty hours a day. Yeah. Then there was probably. Group of you know, fifteen people that had like a real interest in helping we were calling all of the counties every single day to all different county sheriff to find out what was happening with the search. That was all the counties that Jennifer and Sarah, drove through and Washington and Oregon and California from calling their cue have correspondence with the FBI. We also tried to organize peaceful protests and also create media awareness of story didn't die. We created flyers for them and put them all over everywhere. We could on the web from Facebook pages to emailing different influencers at them out. We'd also Email their flyers to missing person organization aurthorities and kind of like missing person in the big Asian mostly. It was an online effort. We try to make an effort where we would go. Oh, so the west coast when they're what interest. Fortunately, I was ready to go out there, even when we gave it a the FBI they reach back out to until we sent an Email to the press person for the FBI. It's I think it was six days for somebody to get back to us which I thought was rather alarming since it was still very much. A case seem like they were looking into and it was a dictated phone line. Four hips. The FBI still has a site soliciting information about the heart crash and the messaging on their includes warning that tips may not be fold up on. But still Amy was frustrated. And when you're putting that kind of time in it just was frankly disgusting because if like wow their lives were race when they were living and now it's so easy to raise them when they're not alive. How would you react? If you found out your sister, or friend was investing twenty hours a day in trying to solve a crime that happened in a faraway state. Eight involving strangers. I asked Amy what people in her life had to say about it. And how she knew when it was time to dial back her time in the group their reaction from the people that I spoke with that were off line was neck, first of all some people hadn't even heard about the case. And then I sent them more information about it. And they couldn't believe that. It wasn't something that they had heard about or they had recalled seeing a headline of family grabs off of a cliff, but didn't have all the information. But then the people that did know about the case a little more. It was a combination of. Wow. This is so wonderful that you doing this. And then there were people like, well, why you doing this? But I I would say I had large more people thought. Well, it's so great that somebody is doing something sleuth groups often pop up after an especially grisly crime possibly as a receptacle for all the emotion sparked by tragedy, but there's a certain poetic Justice to the hearts immortals Asian on Facebook. Considering it was jen's preferred mode of communication, and in recent months, we've uncovered another world where she was equally entrenched. Jen was an avid video gamer the name of her game of choice. Ironically enough was Oz. Broken kingdom. She played for hours on end while Sarah was at work that makes plain white devante till Dana DeKalb that his mom's weren't really paying attention to what went on at home. Jen was a guild leader, which is kind of like being a team captain. And she kept meticulous handwritten notes of her players moves investigators fem pages and pages of them when she died. Do

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