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Just you know. The plugged him from alcohol for the most part and he got sober in jail. It speaks about why he show on here. Too and just again. I think it's a good book because it every time you think you just about gates. He's left solidity Erika Weber Tout. He up again like it just continue goes until the very end when he finally gets it together and makes a change but I think the fact that the record industry gave him so many chances speaks to the character that he has the character of demand. I think for the most part. I think most people could tell that he's a good dude. Because I think that's something I've learned. I've learned especially from comedian comedy. Podcast about Hollywood industry. Wanting you is here though is that you know anytime you cited wondering where Acta is a simple form send into tena. If you'll wonder what I haven't seen in a while is usually because number one. They probably got lost in the source. right in addition and secondly is down to the fact that in an industry people just think they're painting. Jasa deal initially you to stuff their bills only because much like sports. This was compatible people waiting to take your place right ready and willing to work hard to hustle to buff their associates. If you're the kind of beaver on say you're only twenty one. Don't have many credits. Your name. A problem one really famous for doing seventeen yukon wrestling novels. You have to issued if you piss somebody off. They're just GONNA get away. Get next. President is not a headache to deal with so I think even a About a police source time I think deep down a lot of people industry. Kinda liked him. They had a big part to play in super plugged in Atlanta. Seen a would wanted to give him a chance because the talent was obviously dead and the work ethic was to you just got nothing the source as he of again. I think it's a great question. Tell is against not too fluffy and it tells the story of somebody who I kind of. Consider to be a mainstay industry. Some kind of flown the flag for collaborate.

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