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Three WBZ's. We have thirty four degrees. Yeah. It's thirty four in rock hill. Thirty four degrees under cloudy skies and uptown, Charlotte. Michael Cohen, a former personal attorney to President Trump is set to testify before members of congress next month. He spoke on FOX's Justice with judge Janine, and he talked about what Cohen. Heck said I was a client of his, and you know, you're supposed to have lawyer client privilege, but it does this Matica some very honest person, frankly, but he's in trouble on some loans and fraud and taxicabs. In order to get a sentence reduced. She says I have an idea I'll tell I'll give you some information on the president while there is no information. That's the president talking with judge Janine Cohen accepted a plea deal exchange for his cooperation with Muller's Russia collusion investigation he'll serve three years in prison. COPD chief Kerr Putney releasing crime statistics for two thousand eighteen from down about two percent. This is after about a decade or reduction leading up to twenty eighteen. We had a reduction of thirty five percent. And everybody wants to focus on the numbers. And it bothers me let us we're dividing by zero big number really doesn't matter. We should not have any people intentionally taken the lives of others. In other areas, he also commented property climate particulars down.

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