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Motor racing network under a lightning delay the track is dry and the sun is shining here at the homestead Miami speedway other than the extremely dark skies just off behind her number two and over in the back straight away where that little cell is that has the electricity in it that's the reason we're currently under the red flag big shout out to Joshua Hodges three at Josh Hodges three that hashtag NASCAR tailgate he's out cleaning his swimming pool right now trying to get it ready to go big thanks also to at hunter Mike nine zero four one out in Ohio and Brewster Ohio he's working hard there while listening to our coverage here of homestead Miami speedway and everybody else especially at live in formal I've worn out in Idaho in the month of June the photo they posted it's snowing out in Idaho right now while they're listening to us here in South Florida it's not snowing here and we're sorry that it's not snowing there you know just thinking about if you are reading those top you've got farm tractors and tractor trailers rental cars and pace cars maybe more on that if we get time backyards in hayfield where are you taking in today's race which hopefully we're gonna get back under way here shortly what else you get you mention the pace car Kip Childress pace car driver NASCAR official he just tweeted sorry Mike Bagley and they've moved by the way they did it is well he's out his car out and turned to capture sorry Mike and Dave I've got you beat he is tweeted out at MRN radio with the hashtag NASCAR tailgate the view from the pace car looking back at the field of race cars that are covered up right now well you know what Kip we appreciate you listening to the motor race the network now if you would just simply crank up that four G. T. and take it out on the race track and take thirty eight cars lined up behind you out there we would all be happy NASCAR tailgate on Twitter at MRN radio we love to see what your doing today listening to the motor racing network Winston Kelly and Steve post joining us now down inside the motor racing network broadcast center located inside the infield welcome and I wish you guys run pit road I know you do as well when should I want to start with you we were just listening to that a piece that Kurt Becker did on memories of the homestead Miami speedway and one that will always stick out for me and I want to get you to weigh in on on your thoughts on that was Kevin Harvick in it what was it back in twenty fourteen he had to win that race to win a championship he had a walk off win at Phoenix in order to put himself in position to run for a championship and then backed it up with a win here just so many memories involving so many different drivers over the years yeah and the thing that amazes me the most if you were to tell me when we started this system back in two thousand fourteen that every single winner of the race would also be the winner of the championship I would said no way is it going to happen more times than not because your four best teams typically are in the championship hunt but to say that there would not be a non championship contender I just think that speaks to how the game is elevated at that time and you know yeah and the unpredictability buys own admission Jimmy Johnson was not the fastest guy it was the worst of the four cars for in two thousand sixteen put himself in position when Carl Edwards and Joey lagano got together and just had a phenomenal resource heart and nobody was going to catch you every single year had a special memory had a special moment to it and it all began with Kevin Harvick his first year with store Haas racing and Rodney Childress and the first championship and you could just build on it from there so it be impossible for me to pick one out but that because the emotion in every single one of those victory lanes has been so incredible in its own special way but I I totally agree on that and the way he won the championships the multiple formats that he had to do to win those championships Steve post you've been down here just like everybody else year after year after year calling races here at the homestead Miami speedway what really stands out to you about this place well I think I think about this place is just a spectacular racing we have if there is a if if there is a perfect intermediate race track this seems to be yet and you don't have to look any further back than two hours ago with Xfinity series and you don't look back to last night with the truck series yesterday and you could just about every race is so good and I think that's was always so excited about coming down here in that you could without with the race truck like this with his multiple grooves if your if your car during a certain London run on the bottom we just run the middle on the top flat traffic on the way you just go to another line and raced around them if if if you're battling for the lead you couldn't you have road rage for autumn so what stands out to me about this place is just the the the diversity of the grooves and what a great race track it is and what a popular restaurant you talk to every driver to a man they love coming down here in racing because they have that right you you get behind and you can race forward you know you get and you get in trouble you don't have to write in line.

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