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Hi, everybody. You're listening to the Dennis Prager show. So that you see the video of pulling out ballots at a Georgia polling station. So we weigh now. I think they've identified the individual. Let's ask what was What suitcases? Yeah. So what? What could the innocents exploit? You have to you know a person is innocents old till found guilty. Were they pulling out? Thanksgiving day cards. Ha! You didn't think of that, did you? You know, having a man on the street with you. Is incredibly helpful because I feel he, you know, In all seriousness, you represent half the country. Right. It's I have half the country in my studio. It's a zoo. Welcome. Welcome thing. Look at that beautiful reflection. You guys got to really appreciate the aesthetics of this moronic shield in front of me. Moronic is actually understating the case. Does the, uh I have seen more panic and more idiocy. In the last eight months in the United States. Then I have in all of my lifetime. Anyway. Why don't one of thing going toe? What is it? Innocents? Explanation for what happened? Look. If If you deny that there was there was cheating. Then you will have no interest in truth. That doesn't mean that the election was determined by cheating. That one could be agnostic on but you cannot deny widespread cheating. Right. That's the most honest way of looking at this. You. Hewitt, who was about as a civil and UN bomb, throwing a conservative as anyone. That's why you know, they actually have had a mall Was MSNBC at a mom, right? And the man is mollified Conservatives one of the few times that the left has a bona fide conservative on On. He wrote the book, he wrote a book. If it isn't close, they can't cheat, and he wasn't talking about Republicans he was talking about Democrats..

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