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I got John NOCCO. Bat Deputy Buckle Ray amid tacked on on Texas on the land to be okay. Okay thank you for watching the best barbecue show I am here at cosmic coffee right next to Leroy and Louis Barbecue with a barbecue crew from Almost what three four thousand miles away you guys are you guys are from but here at the head of the table is Matt Amass Barbecue. Alah probably the best barbecue joint in Portland one of the oldest joints as far as like the wave. You guys started it. You learn to cook brisket in Australia right. Yep that's my first job cooking barbecue and now you're here in Austin doing the tour. This isn't the first time we met but How's how's the trip so far it's been great skits better every time there's so many new spots opening up and you know it's always great to kind of I've been here a lot but like for a lot. All these people that are first time going to snows even just going to Texas and to share my love barbecue with Do you feel like it's you know you cooked in Australia. You had a close pit right like an upright smoker and And you've cooked a lot of places since Dan. Do you feel like you. You've kind of fell in love with it and Australia. Did you already have kind of an idea of it before I liked barbecues. An idea you know. I want to Arthur Brian's and Kansas City and really Kinda like was blown away at what they were doing and that was like the first kind of moment. I really liked barbecue but I keep talking. uh-huh yeah you know when I made barbecue in Australia just caught the bug. I started doing a deep dive again. kind of obsessed with it. They get really good meat down there. Excellent beef and You know it's it's the trillion barbecue scenes been blowing up since then it's just the US showing culture and and Texas style. Barbecue just worked so well together barbecue competitions in Australia no that should existed when I was Cooking down there. I'm trying to go to meet stock. Doc You should. Yeah I max out a credit card for that Nice. So you've got a whole crew here. Why don't you take down the line? I got to my right here. We Got Sarah. She's a she works in the mornings she also does all the catering stuff. She'll be big on our onsite catering. Things that we're going to get. That started soon next. Is Riley the kitchen manager math barbecue. I guess you're the longest employee right. Now guys worked here over two and a half years half years we've been open for four and a half so yeah. He kind of keeps the day to day going. We Got Daschle our spiritual adviser mostly device. He's going to college. He has like dreams aspirations of being a better human than he is now. And that's really amazing. Devon is the best magic the gathering player That's ever worked with math barbecue. Only he is also works in the morning. Nick is handles most of the commissary stuff so we do. All our our sides is off site now. So He's another manager he does commentary. He also does a lot of stuff for math barbecue. Tacos we got Adam are night guy. He's been here for about a year. He doesn't into old hog which I don't know where that came from but many of these guys can illuminate it. Yeah he does all the night stuff. We Got Mike. Who's our resident Texan? He's also doing all the night stuff and crushing it and he actually used to work at. Franklin's entirely blacks among smug replaces. Yeah moved up to Portland Ross pads before maybe maybe searching early I've seen seen around maybe maybe out it snows. That's awesome. Well you gotta you gotta solid crew and you guys were. You've through down at snows as you thrown out on a few other places. You guys have any favorite bites or anything that you know kind of awakening moments now that you've done the Texas Barbecue. Crawl grab a mic. Don't be shy pork steak and ribs pork ribs. That snow's were knock out like so much different than everything else. We've had had really what was different about him nick I think it's from not being arrested the way most places you're getting ribs that have been arrested. I mean the the pork steak is just different from you know it's not pulled pork. Which is what we've been eating a lot of something about the texture of the ribs? They were like you could shoot through the cartilage like you didn't even really notice you're eating cartilage. It was that tender but it also had like great Barca's really like almost like dry in a good way on the outside like really hard Daschle I think We take our reds further than a lot of places in Texas and the most impressive thing about snows is that it's you know there's a saying called Texas tight and those ribs were like you know it's like they're not I'm GonNa fall apart when you pick them up with some tongues but they're also like superwealthy and buttery and it's that be able to get both of those. The quality is in one rib is really impressive. Now when you say take them further you talking about like cooking them a little longer. Yeah I think Portland likes ribes that are cooked. Further than Texas. Generally at the end of the day we detect style barbecue. But we like we cook for Portland. Obviously when we wanted to want to show up in lineup and love what what we do like we like what I call it as a recall Portland tender you now. There's Texas Standards Portland tender and you know you a little bit further than people in Austin might like but people in Portland. They love that full off the bony kindness. Well if Guy E-e-eddie and all the people are coming to your restaurant all the time you probably doing something right right. Yeah Yeah it seems that way keeping the Matt Maths Barbecue. Yeah well don't you think that's kind of the secret is you. You start with the Holy Trinity. Whatever you WANNA call it but then you you make it yours? You don't just there's there's no right way to do it and you just see what everyone else does and are smokers way different than what There is Sir here are different and our would is different. And you know you're throwing logs on the fire and you just Kinda Kinda developed a system or actually now we all developed the system really organically what works. What doesn't what can we do? Altogether repeatedly every single day you know really keep that consistency up and speaking of I think the night guys got the reminders of your name. Adam Adam Adam Smith so what do you cook overnight old dog out it. Yeah sorry I had some old hog mass barbecue I think like the top moment of this trip. So far is is just like going out to like Lexington and Taylor. In checking out snows in truth and Louis Millers and talking to those pitmasters. Here's who are like. What do you mean thermometer like like having Like tell me to put my hand on the pit and like try to tell. Tell her what temperature it was. I was just like befuddled. I you know I mean you should totally use thermometer. It's like I mean like what temperature is the meat. What temperature are you my touching this and that but like all these these old school cats have been doing it forever? It just goes to show that like it's an art of craft of not just following rules but like just really cooking with your heart and like You know you're GONNA to get the best product with food and any genre like just by really loving washer doing it knowing knowing the food having relationship with that food. So you're kind of blew my mind like meeting those those like those. Og pitmasters you know. Let's give a shout out to Wayne. Louis Mueller AH smoke and the whole crew is out Some guy was on vacation whether night cooks and Wayne was cooking the beef ribs last night or I should say two nights ago and that we we got today was by far. That's great beef. Ribs of Louis Miller and that was by far the best king turns out turns that win cooked it and that was really cool. So we're not enough to meet you man and I shake your hand I will. I will definitely pass on that message. Big Shout the pope also. Oh you guys live in Portland and.

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