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Have linebackers trump dropping back into coverage to And underneath zones you can try to get the ball See if you can force the ball to kelsey and not necessarily let him catch it. You wanna have your linebacker undercut that ball. Try to force a turnover. So there's gotta be that surprises patrick mahomes and there's just this unfortunate for defenses. It's it's been really tough to do. He's so mentally smart so quick to see what's happening before it happens. That's why he doesn't throw any interceptions. He's just extremely smart and he rarely makes mental mistakes in. You mentioned that the bucks really have gotten their act together recently. What what's been the biggest reason for that. Is it defensively. I know that it's always a storyline and was a storyline. this year. You know the short off season and brady working with a personnel groupings offensively. But what is it in your mind. That has made things click for tampa so recently in the biggest game of the year. I think offensively even spreading the wealth. More they've been attacking us often exposing brady less to to less things that are out of control so the you're compensating for an offensive line. That's decent so you don't want to throw the ball deep too often and also brady's deep passing this year's been pretty poor so lot more short passes which we know he's great at intermediate passes rotating the receivers. I think has been smart. He likes Scotty miller ally. I think that's been surprising. Connection this season Hillerman very productive antonio brown trying to force it to him a little bit less Get chris godwin involve get him healthy. Keep him involved in an offense. Those are all keys that they've been doing on offense defensively. I think this is just maturation. I think some of it's just the pass rush playing better vida getting him back to play a little bit has been helpful. Jason pierre paul playing great the season Shaquille basement playing better as the season progressed. So i think this individually. You're looking at guys coming into their own. And that's really the biggest thing for me is needed playmakers on defense and they finally got those guys to play like playmakers. So it you know. I don't know if it's like the cova stuff young players being young. But that's been the key for them is all of a sudden they have defense. They can hold you. You know to twenty or so points. And if that's the case they have the weapons to score thirty or so we've seen score forty. I think like four or five times on the season so they have high powered offense to. Yeah and you just knew. Buffalo probably wasn't going to be able to do that right like we've seen the chiefs play from ahead play from behind. It doesn't really seem to matter. Is that game went on on sunday. He just kind of had the feeling like The chiefs were hanging around in. Buffalo's gonna pay for that. Yeah it was over a fourteen. Two nine i. It felt over which is insane right like buffalo was gifted essentially six points with a muffed punt. Obviously the quick field goal to start the game. So you know nine zero. You know you'd think okay cool like buffalo chance. Kansas city even comfortable coming from behind. It's still this might be the team. That actually overtakes. Because josh allen obviously really good playmaker at wide receiver. They've got a ton of options so it felt almost like the recipe of this could be the moment. They finally lose when they fall behind but once that she started getting chunk plays was just like oh buffalo camp coverage..

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