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Experts AT T. mac Berg just search T. R. A. F. F. I. X. cargo van Velde fanatic traffic center ninety you to drive responsibly really is a matter of life or death it's gonna be cloudy today we'll see these on and off showers and maybe a few thunderstorms continue through the day Hon you're seventy six tonight's gathered showers and thunderstorms early low down to sixty seven that partly to mostly sunny tomorrow high near seventy nine normal high for this time of year is eighty two the normal low is sixty three sixty six now and here sixty nine with light rain at midway sixty eight at the lake front I'm Steve percentage of the WGN radio news room and these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor and doctor well we missed anyone most good morning how are you doing good fun are you good what I really do if I were missing I've got my second summer cold yeah and here's the thing I eat I normally don't get a summer cold so I wasn't scheduled for either one of these and this is the second one and it didn't feel like turn right yeah you schedule your cold yeah the end of time difficult and the thing is doc I got a sore throat and I thought I had a fever turns out they didn't I was just you know feeling feverish first out allergies.

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