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That i'm doing this and proven disney's correla now justin. Did you watch it at home or did you see it in the theater. Alabama's hilarious. jc's criolla well. I saw at home on my bed eating chinese food. Men do it and send a maiden you use on in the theater correct. Yes i went to the seattle. The well i i also watched experience with overpriced slushy and popcorn and how many people were in the theater. I'm counting individually my head because they had a photographic memory like rainman. Well that's very nice. I probably twenty five. Oh pretty basically. Your answer was a lot i need between me. It was five between knee. And the people that i will list and then they were two people next to me. There's a bunch of people in the row rows behind me. There's a good amount of people lease. Keep this recap of the people in the theater that actually saw with with photographic memory material. I don't know what i'm so sleepy. So before we jump into the full ruins ease of the film will give a quick thoughts and our letterbox rating of the movie. Who would like to start it off. I gave it a three and a half only three. I gave it three four. I three and a half only because the have star down was because it was there was like a twenty minute period where i was like. This is too long. It was too long. I think i do that two hours. Twenty minutes right. I could agree with maybe a little a little long. They could've lies quality-wise amazing song or two also. They could've used a few real dogs and not all. Cgi dogs kristen thought that she thought he'd for overly cgi. I'd my rating was the same. As justin's i also gave it a four. No one do not. I i want to know the percentage ever you give their above a three and a half i will. I will look into that and we'll get back to you please. Do i would love to. But i gave it a four. I re i loved it. I thought the the fashion in this was great. I loved every song. Drop in this movie. I thought it had a fantastic soundtrack. And i just. I love this also correla forgetting into the movie. Guerrilla was evil hence only intelligent. We'll get into. It is bored with the world. Yeah basically they did. They make her the evil cruel of that. We know from one hundred one donations. Yeah i i think that she was i so you. Obviously that was her protege. She's going to be her mom so i think that was okay from housing. I can make her. It's a leap of someone who's trying to kill dogs. Make gay jacket. But i couldn't take horace and jasper into the horse. Jasper you know from one. Hundred one down mason's their lives must have really gone downhill like start gray a real sad. How long after kerala do you think one hundred domains is couple years. Has dogs gotta get old patsy crediting. Yeah the mid credit. Yeah she gives the dogs to the two owners. That'll be the and not in that darling. Honey something darling. Anita darlene. ami don't player. Yeah yeah the mid credits they Get dogs delivered to them as puppies and it says this one's name is pungo yup so much longer after that. So how does she turn into such an old lady then because she's quite young smoking and then also like she's not a murray versa. she's not a murderous person. Why would she. I don't understand how she could turn into such a. I wanna kill dogs and her. Her best friend is a dog while take steps to after parenteral. Hurt is romantic her. That's gonna happen. Someone's going to destroy her. I'm is going to be another one. I don't know apparently disney has said that they're going to go forward with a corolla to i mean to me i'm like isn't that a hundred one dimensions. That's kind of where they left. How she gets to being okay with murdering dog's fur coat. Did you know that first one was in one thousand nine hundred sixty one old people. All they allude to her killing dogs in this film at one point. Yeah and she said if that's the villain they want them fine but then it turns out. She didn't kill the dogs. It was just a thing on television. So i thought she was going to kill one of them and keep the other two and will be the two dogs. Did you like the the turn that they gave her to. I mean i. I see it as kind of like what they did with malefic. They tried to make you care for her more than the villain that you saw in the animated films. Yeah i was going to happen. And i liked her. I agree that she was a cool little person. Yeah i. I don't think she was as tragic as malicious. It was though now melissa was much more. I don't know she actually like. She turned out to not be who you think she is. Criolla is still who thinks she is. She's just not a murderer. She still a psycho. Mi negra friends. Yeah yeah and i agree with you just like they made her. You know horse and What's his name. Jasper jasper at first. When they first came on. I was like these are the same guys from the original animated film. They're not as as i was wondering starts like boning them and that's how she gets them to be so bad later on. I thought she was gonna be with the taller guy. What's his name. Jasper jasper spa now. Did you like the you know. Basically a devil wears product type story. It.

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