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Samarai writer appears as one of the Widows in this movie. Asamoah right of you guys don't know who she is. She is a self taught stunt woman from the UK fucking fire biggest astral bigger than life. She's fucking gorgeous. She does all the stunts. The corio the weaponry. She's in net bitch. I've been following her for years obsessed and she is now in the black widow film. Yeah and you can see on a poster. I'm mistaken like the new person that just came out like they. This is kind of a dark version of all all the widows on the bottom and you just see one with a big Afro Samurai beautiful. You love to see it. Yeah so we need something to bid for this. That's almost the I beyond that I really. I hate even ideas. I don't know. Did you see the black widow driller? I've seen other released today. Let's be clear if you've seen the other ones you've seen this one line. I it should be big issue me being I mean given what we already know about what happens to That character supposedly game I'm curious to see what it will be but it needs to be something big. They're gonNA be some stupid shocking. It should be some silly believed for me to even make sense to even release a movie like that now. It's not as the there are gonna be something because new stuff. I met on a movie like there's going to be some type of twists in. This movie. Makes IT WIDER? Release them black widow. Now idea to y'all that it would have to be something we can make up for. What's the next movie after this you turtles and that's being filmed still not out to the trailer might drop should drop a black widow their own linger in photography type stuff. Maybe you don't do re-shoots but they've finished principal photography. Yeah okay well and that joint. They're gonNA have a bollywood number in it any terminals. Yeah because he's His eternal character is hiding on earth as a Bollywood after I love it because in original version back character was Japanese and he was doing like Morocco. Theaters else. Okay so now. He's a big bollywood after. That's cool very cool. Thanks for the question maze. The NEXT ONE COMES FROM NESTLE SNIPES AKA double geeked up on a Thursday afternoon. No response better keep going. I don't get that reference at all either close up on Tuesday. I don't get it yes on but I was always a big one so anyway. The question goes I players. Dc was supposed to release a Cyborg film this April. But we've heard absolutely nothing about it what do you think? Dc will do. I give us. The Snyder cut three more Batman movies or Cyborg. His own film Batman Movies Batman Plan Woman.

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