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Is watching the people of Georgia tomorrow on you got to swamp because everything's so crooked. Control of the U. S senate on the line. Therefore, the entirety of Congress Democrats, they brought out their big gun, Joe Biden. By electing John and the Reverend. You could make an immediate difference in your own lives. Lives of the people all across this country. Yeah, you could make a big difference in your own life. Not a good difference. Biden's rally look like a family picnic compared to the thousands who saw Trump in Dalton last night that would be a limited exposure and distanced family picnic. All eyes on Congress tomorrow, though, because that's where there will be the challenge to the electoral certification one led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, another by Missouri's Josh Holly. I have heard from people like I've never heard before. Over the last month about this election. They have major major concerns about the integrity the fairness of this election and they expect me to stand up in the race looks those concerns. And he is Holly on Fox, The George's secretary of state bread, Raffin Sperber, denying today that he leaked the audio of that call of the president to him, Um Did he leak it to The Washington Post. Will White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany accuses him of it? All the president was asking for throughout the entirety of the conversation, and it's interesting you won't reveal his number is the same guy who secretly recorded the president of the United States and released it to the public. Yeah, He's just trying to find out. Where did these numbers come from? Where did the fraud occurred? Thousands expected to attend a stop The steel rally in D C tomorrow taking place the same time that Congress will be meeting And this electors certification process left spent the last year scaring Americans about pandemic. They got their paper votes, didn't they? They set up Joe Biden as the solution to it all well, writer Victor Davis, Hanson says. You know what the fearmongering actually worked. There's a lot of questions, but it's confused. People result is that they don't know what to believe. They just wanted to all go away. They just want to go back to normal. They want their lives back. And that means accepting Biden. They think lockdowns Nanny state. Well, they'll do it if they could just have their lives back. Yeah, I don't wanna way and was all common. We all feel good. We've bean proverbial American people, but now we've got to live with it. Hanson compares these Americans to the character in Orwell's 1984, who ultimately did accept Big brother, totally controlling him. It is now. 7 38 small businesses were hurt by late deliveries during the holidays, whether it was supplying their own store or going out to customers. All the major delivery service is overwhelmed with the increase of deliveries and personal personnel gaps as well. Because a cove it And that included the Postal Service. The U. S Post office has had tremendous budget cuts and staffing shortages, which just exacerbate the problem at hand. That's a supply chain and logistics. Ask expert Margaret Kid, she says. Some retailers just gave it up. They encourage their customers to purchase gift certificates. The thing could send online or through first class mail. I'm sure the Fryer and Houston's news weather and traffic station NewsRadio 7 40 ktrh, something that's real, and that we have to pay attention to its history happening now give the people the best information wide use radio 7 40 ktrh. Well, Here's the example of what we could look forward to of D. C gets his own statehood. Mayor Muriel Browser is just activated 340 National Guard troops Head of a gathering of Trump supporters in D. C. Now you may recall unless not it was only 100. She's already up 2 to 343 140. Yeah, Yeah, She needs that, Because quote unquote. We will not allow people to incite violence. Intimidate our residents or caused destruction to our city. Really? Really. Is that what you said with Antifa and BLM birth? There are one morning stuff when they stabbed the Maga ralliers the last time it seems to me that they black lives matter in this particular case in particular antifa. We're doing all those things. Inciting violence, intimidating residents causing destruction. The mayor of D. C. That's right. Yep. So, here we go. Congress is going to be using the tunnels s so they won't have to face anybody, right? Yeah, Tomorrow could be a very interesting day in Washington, D C. To say the least. 7 40 is their time here. News radio 7 40 Ktrh Hey, like to talk about the folks of Rennes Warehouse used to talk about them all the time back in my Virginia days because they really take a lot of things off your plate. The thing here's the thing I found. 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