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Christopher wray who was a member of the federalist society and the media is the one that didn't follow up with anything I think it was a story that there were 4500 tips to the FBI From high school's face I can And she was really screwed She was Yeah Okay Thank you All right Oh no thank you Oh no thank you This is a thank you He's very polite Yes she was Okay He was a polite chipmunk Doug in Florida Hello Doug Welcome Yeah okay there's something really it's a coincidence that my microphone and my phone system does it like when a woman touches it it doesn't work this morning Okay Fine Dug in Florida Hello Hi Stephanie and Jody Hi Oh my God Good morning Gilead Whoo I'm in heaven All right I love all you guys Chris Travis We don't count We're penises too Yes they do No they don't Take out big time Chris is kicking ass today Travis stepped up It was really nice I wanted to point out thank you Thank you And thank them They're just fantastic Man it's so hard dealing with equipment problems I mean I dealt with it I've been in production I ran bands I wasn't very friendly Snyder thinks that I'm sorry I digress Yes you do All right Okay so you can listen to more of that later on Doug's podcast but I digress Okay Thank you for that technical Schneider moment Okay What But there have been some technical times too Yes because I am a woman and that was weird that I was literally silenced You were Yes My microphone literally did not work But the penis over here gave you his microphone I let you speak cecily Penis what I shut up for With penis with Googly eyes Happy nap a couple has already burst into fights this morning Cecily how are you allowed to speak to Trevor like that I don't understand Oh she'll pay for it later Oh okay Trevor got the dark side Someone's getting spanking She's going to enjoy it There is a dirt hole in the vineyard for sure And she goes to lotion on her skin or else she gets the hose again Okay Lloyd and Hemet hello Lloyd Hi Stephanie David Jacobs has done about he wrote three books on alien abductions and the alien human hybrid program which a military must know something about because they basically some deals with going to the time of presidency advice and how with the aliens And one of the what is going on with people being off topic this morning I loved.

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