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All right my second one also nba. This is jerry west. Jerry west hit a sixty foot buzzer beater in one thousand nine hundred seventy finals game. At that point. I was in grade school now. My dad was a high school basketball coach so i would go to practices and during the winter. Two people he hung out with were also basketball. Coaches very collegial. These coaches were at the time. So i heard a lot of basketball talk from the grownups and my dad would Frequently lament what was going on in basketball and celebrate. Successes and complain about things weren't successful. Vividly remember in one thousand nine hundred seventy here west hitting his buzzer beater. Was a big deal to those coaches now back then. The three point shot did not exist if the would have existed. Think this might be clear number one in all the nba finals history. But it was just a two point basket so wasn't any better than the other fat at the buzzer was about to go dead nyc think it must have been because it was two point matter where he shot from people in take the long shots very often. It wasn't wasn't really advantage shooting a ball sixty feet. If you had time anyway you could pass it in and out of court and easier shot. Have a better chance of scoring the two points that you needed to score. I think In the sixties and seventies defense and dribbling and pass work was more appreciated in basketball than is now now is shooting a dunk anyway. That's not what we're talking about. Iran talking about a sixty foot buzzer beer so this shot did not win the game but it did could it in overtime and the lakers play for lost anyway in overtime. This shot that was significant to me. I remember as being the first beater long shot probably with some before that this is the first buzzer beater launch and sixty feet way past half quarter about sense about a half court. Shot can't remember what angrily had if it was straight honored aside but it was Was great shot. And that's something has happened a lot since klay feel like this was the first time somebody shot a half court shot. That beat the buzzer. Didn't win a game. As i said put it in overtime but it was a significant shot. The first of its kind of going to say ask my second one. Third one third one is about a coach. This is a meme rates. A series of things that somebody did. Like sky clocks like creams skyhook. This is a singular event camping in early nineteen eighty. Nine time i was in college just graduated from college. It was march which is of course. The marshall march madness time. Everybody wants to watch basketball and guys were living at the time. We were the same way. We were watching basketball. During march like everybody else. Now there's some buzzer beater. Win a game. So i'm talking about Nc state north carolina state is playing and jimmy valve is your coach and he was Four personality wonderful person to listen to talk and being perspective coach time. I wanted to hear everything he had to say. Because i felt like. I could learn from great coaches john. Wooden jimmy valvano just to name to basketball coaches. That had a lot to teach a person who is gonna coach in any championship game. Nineteen eighty three. I believe early eighties. Anyway and the game is won on. Buzzer beater the ugliest buzzer beater. Ever not the prettiest shop for sure so kids from north carolina. State aches shot. It maybe shy. There's still some argument whether he was shooting or passing. I don't really know what he put the ball up against Always houston so north carolina state. They're huge underdog in the pilot game against houston's iconic you guys our economy we were vice slamma jamma. There were like the bomb early eighties houston university in basketball and nc state was definitely the underdog for the game tied. Fifty to fifty to the north carolina state guy throws a brick now. Was it a pass or shot. Dead debate goes on the way short. However renzo charles right teammate. He sees the ball coming down. And i think he has presence of mind to know that. Ball's short so he goes up and he gets it in mid air just before any defender realizes what's going on. I think most people are kind of backing off waiting for rebound with the wasn't gonna be one. Lorenzo charles gets up in the air catch his in dunks it right. They're all in one spell swoop. Here's one second left and that is kind of the question was shot wasn't a pass was a alleyoop pass. Nobody's really said definitively. That didn't matter north carolina. State lindsey game. Now that's a good moment in itself but for me the best moment was the part of the year celebration. That erupted from the wolfpack bench. As soon as that happened. Coach jim valvano. All kinds of personality loved his players. He was great in the press conference. Pregame postgame tastic. listen to. He's caught on camera running down the court desperately looking for someone to celebrate with. He makes a beeline for the nearest player. But before he gets there. That player gets mugged by another player near huggins. So he veers to the side heads for another guy seems to be standing by herself and other. Maybe it was a coach or another player. Team person he gets there that guy's getting starts getting hugged and mobbed by somebody else so he veers off in another direction in.

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