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And very special good afternoon here on a Tuesday, the 2nd of November, a lot happening and we will get to all of it here in the coming minutes. We're just four hours away from the first college football playoff reveal and we'll talk about that a little bit later on. We have a number of guests, including Pete famil, Connor Riley covers the dogs. We'll talk to Matt Brown, who believes Alabama ought to be ranked number four behind George and Michigan state and Cincinnati. I saw earlier today, Danny canal had Alabama. I think it's 7th or 8th in his pole everyone has an opinion. And none of the matter because the 13 person committee in Grapevine will be the final jurisdiction on all of this from now on. We'll talk to Mike Bianchi also Mike writing in his column about the future of Dan Mullen, also Ivan maisel in an hour, a story that some of you perhaps have heard about, he has a book out about the loss of his son a couple of years ago. It's quite a poignant story. And we'll talk to Ivan coming up here in just a few minutes. And your phone calls at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5 a little bit of news and some of it's fairly disturbing, really when you saw the bulletin today about Henry ruggs, the former Alabama, all American, now with Las Vegas, he was involved in a fiery crash early Tuesday morning that killed one person and will lead to rugs being charged with DUI resulting in death according to the Los Angeles excuse me if the Las Vegas police department officers responded to her traffic collision and it involved rugs he was impaired, according to police. And we will keep you updated on that. But if convicted, he could face two to 20 years in prison. Certainly disturbing story. Also, we mentioned the CFP that comes out in four hours. Still a lot of teeth gnashing about Dan Mullen. And we'll certainly get to that as well. We appreciate you being here. And always look forward to chatting one more bit of sad news to pass along that a lot of folks around the SEC certainly will remember the name Charles Hollis just an extraordinary sports writer, mostly for the Birmingham news. He passed away on his farm in common on Monday according to AL dot com. He was inducted into the Alabama sports Hall of Fame as Alabama sports writers Hall of Fame in 2008 and is being remembered not only across Alabama but across the country today is truly a great gentleman and an extraordinary sportswriter. In fact, my first years of working in Birmingham, I worked alongside him covering auburn in Alabama and really one of the most accomplished sports writers in the state's history. He worked at the Birmingham news for more than 40 years. According to his former coworker and longtime friend Charles Goldberg, Goldberg said in my mind, I think he was the first true beat rider in the state and he's right because at the time, I know we talk about who's covering Florida or Georgia or Alabama or auburn. When I first started, I covered both teams. So we did not have what was called the traditional beat system that we have now. He first started covering auburn, and according to Goldberg and many others, he really shut the standard and I agreed so sorry to hear that news. We will take your phone calls beginning now, a 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5 and we begin with John, who's in Louisville. Hey, John, good afternoon. Hey, certainly a somber mood to the star of the show, but I'll try and add some levity. Please Ken. Thank you. By the way, the close to the show yesterday with ray dog was like a WWE event. I'll meet you punk on the high seas in the air in a back alley. And you know, that guy, he was talking about legend and what concerns me is I think he was serious. Usually the arm, but I thought, I think that guy's serious. I'm not concerned about legends well-being, but I think he went into double digits on the word punk. Oh my gosh, yeah. And so I have one question, one request. I'll start with the request and that is you're going to be down in College Station. Can we get mad on the show? I think a lot of people can. I have not heard from that yet, and maybe math hasn't heard the word that we will be in College Station. But let's hope we can hook up with Matt. Well, tell me you'll hook him up with some coats. I mean, I know he's looking for a date. Yeah, I mean, we have certain standards here, John, that we're not allowed to discuss. Here's my question, bob. Sure. You mentioned, I think a week or two ago that you had been dismissed from McDonald's. So I have to ask you, was that for showing up to work after happy hour? Was it did you pull a LSU no show? Or did you just plain burn the French fries? Yeah. Well, for those old listeners of the show probably heard me tell the whole story 20 years ago, my finalist, I did everything at McDonald's. It was my first job. Technically, I think I even began when I was 15, which was pushing the envelope with the state with the state child labor law, but I did start and I cleaned up. I did around I would walk around with my ten and clean up. I worked on every I worked on fries. I really like fries, by the way. I did counter flip burgers. I knew I was in trouble, though. John, my last day there, it was a cold Saturday. I'll never forget it. It couldn't have been more than 25° outside. Windshield below that of a country western song, but when I got there, I saw my assignment on the board and I was the shake man that day. And I didn't have a lot didn't have a lot of business at the end of the day. They put up the next two weeks schedule. And I wasn't on there. And I just walked up to the assistant manager or the manager, and I said, by the way, I don't see myself on next week's schedule. He said, no, and you're not on the next week's either. At that point, I began to realize he said we appreciate everything you've done and you're no longer employed here. So now you know how a stable feel after the show tonight. Yeah, it was a crushing but it was a crushing blow. I later amended the story because I don't think the word fire is accurate. I use the word. We parted the ways and they wished me well in my future endeavors. Then don't let the door hit you on the way. Exactly. Thank you very much. Great to hear from you. Let's check in with Curtis in Tennessee, hello, Curtis. Hey, Paul, good to hear from you again, man. I thought Witcher? Thank you very much. I'm sorry to hear about rugs and all the time that's happening up for my players out to defend. Thank you. Talking about, but it is more than 50,000. I'm following you, Paul. Yeah, I was on with Stephen a this morning. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know if he liked what I said to him. I was. Joking about Alabama, maybe being better than George or belonging in the same category, and I tried to talk about football. You were trying to explain to him that they still got to play Georgia. Right. If they go to the championship put up, but you know, Paul, you know, if you watch that shield between Alabama and auburn, Alabama.

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