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Your score card won't hurt your credit learn more discover dot com slash credit scorecard limitations apply Beth winters for talk radio six CD W. CB on balsam heavy thunderstorms around the area this evening cloudy after midnight as the low drops to sixty seven tomorrow some scattered thunderstorms in the morning cloudy in the afternoon thunderstorms again likely popping up eighty two for a high Sunday scattered thunderstorms again look for highs mid eighties on Craig Ross the weather channel for talk radio six eighty WCM Frankel over here yes eight years builders is still open for business and are now offering virtual consultations designs and estimates are provided with our online services without coming into your home of course a E. S. is still doing in home estimates through volunteering to CDC guidelines so if you're thinking of having some remodeling done like a new kitchen bathroom or maybe finishing that basement but call a E. S. one of Ireland's leading home remodelers all thanks to my good friend Tim Munson owner and founder of a E. S. Kim treats each customer like family while making their homes beautiful functional and comfortable at the lowest possible price eight years takes great pride in their work which is why they give a five year free labor warranty the show great appreciation gym is offering medical personnel and first responders additional discounts remember Jim's heartbeat problems when we're done you'll be happy if you're not happy then we're not done and Jim being sick go to a U. S. home dot US or call one eight hundred seven eight seven say I'm Tom exchange this is the fox business report stocks closing fix for the day but up for the week despite the number of coronavirus cases in apple's announcement today of fresh store closures heightening concerns among.

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