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Trust me. I love me some mobile game. Sure. Singular name one right like, but I. Even acknowledge it as what it is which is a sub game, which is a distraction. So like, even if they're like we wanna make the best mobile game ever. You're still making the best candy ever not a meal in. They should never have announced it that way. But from that perspective, it doesn't sound like just trying to make a cash grab show that's part of it. But they'll like if we're gonna do this. We're going to make a good game. Not just as shitty risk this weird because they are stone stone that was PC. I though, no I'm saying people forget that. But. It's like it's like an ATM hurston when they announced hurston. I was like, oh, that's an ATM for sure they just want that. And it's digital to print. The car was like, but it was done in the way that it was clearly a game. It's a game. I on anything less, but it is an ATM, and we're going to get rich off you like kind of. And I think that's a fair relationship to have. It's a fair communication this feels like you want to buy our ATM the, but it's a really great one. You know, like we'll also at the same thing. This haven't had was used to be called quake on our so called. Con now, but I remember going quite champions years ago, and the Johncock went up there, and he showed off rage on a phone, which is like this is like iphone four back then wherever and even then very similar to blues. Con- you're trying to advertise a group of players who already have this sense of I use the mouse and keyboard because that is the only way to play game trying to give them control of the laugh at you mean much the same way we do. I will I will use a controller for half you like red dead. But yeah, they're I I do have this sort of smug attitude of like frown goat. Nothing can be played on a phone and know your audience, right? Yeah. And like anytime you try to have any sort of skill based game on a phone. He usually ends in disaster. So that's that was the folly of bliss con where they have a group hardcore PC players, and they go. Candy, and it's it it will control. Well, everyone's already going. Yeah. Right. No, I've already tried controlling on phone it. Never works. Yeah. I completely agree. Just also think it's worth sharing this item that but like I mean, another part is like Shraga Jason try Kotok who posted about how apparently they were going to release a video at the end announcing Diablo four and then pulled it at the last minute. But I ended up talking to him about that yesterday. Because that's not at all what I heard. So it was like this isn't true, man. Like double check that. And then I think he updated the story, and it's like, it's all very, very, very complicated and messy. And I I imagine I don't know what I would have done made probably just announced it, and how many employees are blizzard like hundreds of. No, no, I'm hundreds and hundreds of four thousand. No, I know twenty three. It's like four it's probably a thousand sort of people think you forget about that. Because now activisits also involved. I imagine there's a lot of layers of just like approvals. You gotta go through even with us with Richard stuff. And we're not that big of a company it's still just zone a circle going sort of like the show that art was like, yeah, we have to my jaw still so many things. Really sorry. Joe's gutted dish. I, you know, massage massage tendons are the ones that really. Starts popping that. That's how you know. You just just distracts you if you're trying to just like. Lose yourself in the reverie of the moment and get none. If you know what you're talking about the whole thing in there. We gotta show mate Alana. Taking of the shows. Also, sponsored by hymns show about dudes being duly hymns is a telemedicine service meeting that they will connect you to real doctors through the internet. And that way, you can have your your your consultations online your prescriptions done online..

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