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People have lost a lot of money. Betting against facebook over the years and people have been wrong. Many times in terms of a story comes out about facebook and it looks really bad. The headline risk is there but it doesn't materially affect the underlying business of facebook and to realize that all you have to do is look at the performance of the stock over the past decade. All of that said d think this raises the bar in terms of how good this thing needs to be when they launch it. I made it really. Seems like if you're an average and i agree with you. the what. Facebook has done the the way they have delivered for. Advertisers is what has made them such a potent force in advertising. So i'm not betting against that. I just looked at it more from the standpoint of why would you need to be the first advertiser when this thing launches. I'm wondering if you think. The bar is higher in terms of day. Really better net like when they eventually launched this and they almost certainly will. Is the bar a little higher. I think that that's a fair claim. I would say it probably will be higher. And you're right. The i hate to say the phrase 'too-big-to-fail right because obviously that's been proven to be true in certain situations but i do think that facebook is a giant and there's a lot of cognitive dismissed from people who maybe we'll say an. I'll say this about myself i won't. I don't want to actively by the stock. But i still use instagram. I'm still a user instagram. And i've bought things from targeted ads on instagram. And so i think that it exists in this kind of cognitive dissonance zone in people's brains where they can say. I don't like this company and i don't like what they stand for but it's convenient at all. My friends are on it. And there's lots of aunts. And i think it falls into a similar ideas amazon where people say i do want to shop small local but it's so much cheaper on amazon or it's so much more convenient so i might as well do it anyway and you see these socks even though there might be some ethical questions continuing to do well so i think that when they launch it it will have to be a solid product. I think they'll have to do a lot of pr around it and how it's going to be safer and how it's going to be more private and how they're putting all of these roadblocks in place to help these kids but i do think that it will probably launch and will probably be pretty successful. Pollstar is nearing a deal to go public. Spec pollstar is in the business of high-performance electric cars and the deal. Reportedly would value pollstar at twenty one billion dollars. Interesting line of business to go into say we're looking at tesla and we think we can compete with them is as pollstar a stock. You're going to be putting on your watch list. So i got a little bit about pollstar specifically and then kind of the bigger trends in visas back so pollstar has two models of evs with very unoriginal and kind of not. Cool names pulsar. One impulse star to They're currently on the road..

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