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The Democrats fielded A. Relatively young. Female candidates. And had tremendous hope that because of Kobe the academy that they could get a break through. One of those elections was in here in Wisconsin. And the Democrats are hoping that the momentum that they had with Jill Kurowski wapping Dan Kelly in the Supreme Court election on the few weeks ago would carry over into the congressional race. The other races in suburban Los Angeles in an area that has been held by a Republican congressman. But the Democrats had a very good candidate in terms of political appeal. California, even some of the Republican areas have moved Democrat over the years. Bad their hopes their. The Wisconsin election. The Republican Tom Tiffany one bake. The California race is. Not over. Because, California had a mail in election out there. And in California they established the same rule that we had it. Wisconsin for the Supreme Court election. Any ballot that was mailed by Tuesday can be counted as long as it gets in by. Friday so some of the ballots are not yet counted in California. But the majority of them are. And The Republican candidate Garcia is way ahead. The Republican. National Congressional Campaign Committee is calling the democratic and seed, because she so far behind it be get an overwhelming majority of the votes that were bailed in Tuesday and didn't get there until Friday highly unlikely because the margin is about twelve points right now it's in the range of fifty six, forty, four the Republicans ahead. Now again I grant you both. These districts already were Republican. But in both cases. The Republican victory was strong and in the race in Wisconsin. It came right after the liberals just one. Any election and ran while losing rather well. In, the Supreme Court Trace. Individual.

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