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Now I'll send you a picture of it. Yes. Any pictures I will like we did last time for the Promo Snuff semi some pictures you'd like to see up there I'll pick one. Yeah. Okay. That'll be sounds good but all right. Well thanks for listening as usual Johnny. Thanks for joining me as usual. It's always fun man I love talking. You think it's always a great time. This guy's got so many stories I mean. I wouldn't be surprised if you had as many stories as new cars. I, guess every car is a story but next year I. Don't know man I feel like. I can run out eventually no China. What what cars have we not talked about yet. Who We've mentioned them all. Probably Yeah I mean. I don't know that they're big stories you know but like the sixty nine. Juries, I just told you. Now one of them was a well, we'll leave for some other. Like. Hanger Cliffhanger with Johnny Mope. Are? All right everybody that's it. Thanks for listening and we'll catch you next time. This is going to be another two part episode, Johnny Mo Barn. I like to talk for two hours at a time because it's so fun and Johnny Johnny's entertaining I. Usually I just sit back and listen to the stories and interject every few minutes just to make sure everybody knows I'm still alive. So, this has been fun. As you always have a good time and thanks for having me on man absolutely anytime reach out and Johnny and I have something special that we're going to be doing here pretty soon. So look forward to that. I'm not gonNA tell anybody about it right now johnny isn't either. We're going to be doing these a lot more often I'll say that. Folks. Part. Left behind. We'll see next time. Thanks Johnny. All Right Sia Chris. Thanks for joining Johnny Mo Par for part two of this installment of direct connections. I love these shows because I love to talk mo parts with other enthusiasts and it's always a great time. With my friends like Johnny. So thanks to him for coming on the show once again. But before we put our foot to the, would I wanNA answer a couple of questions from last week that were sent to Johnny and I on facebook while we were doing the show, we try to answer one on the show but didn't have the answer well today I have. The answer I will start off with John Turner's question and he asked Johnny and this I have one, thousand, nine, Hundred Seventy Plymouth sport fury three, eighty, three, my car has occurred back window, but I have seen the same year with a bubble style back windows. Well, my question is was that an option of some sort or maybe just a difference between late year versus. And if so which which Josh I did a little digging and realized that I was having a brain fart during the show and I was actually thinking of the earlier fastback theories, not the nineteen seventy. So the difference between your car and the others is simple in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, there were two styles of roof lines..

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