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The bottom of the first inning. No store. White Sox will come to that year against Adrian Hauser. Louise Robert will lead it off all bio Moncada and Jose Abreu. You way saw Howser here in the final. Unquote tune up game, the summer camp game before the season got started. A pretty nice job, But he's done a pretty nice job in this season as well, only throwing one time but a nice outing. And if you go off of last season 132 innings, pitched 129 strikeouts That's actually in his career. So almost averaging one strikeouts per inning and seems like Milwaukee. There knows how to go find talent, or they know how to develop it. Either way, they have a lot of strong arms. Here is Louise Robert. First pitch to him Swing and Miss Sennett. So on one Robert two for four last night with a stolen base. He has all of the White Sox stolen bases this year. No one is grounded sharply found on the third base side going to hey, has just swung it to 93 miles are sinkers down and end that last one close to the plate, not a strike. The 1st 1 was even further in that he swung at On grounds that one towards shortstop charging in his Arcia cannot make the throw. It rolled up his arm and Robert's speed burning down. The first baseline is safe at first base. See, that's what speed does. It gets you hits because our CIA had to panic he charged like he should. Got it fully extended out. One hand was ready to try and throw off balance..

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