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Life so in terms of all those four pillars including freedom of movement including the role of the european court of justice in britain nothing changes so what on earth is the point of leaving the european union we're period the interim period is not just an interim perry going on indefinitely would knock antonin leaving we will be leaving we just need to have a period of time during which we work out what are what are unique relationship with the european union will be we need to have a a british dial custommade agreement we can't get into bed with norwegians are norwegian style deal in eight the bed isn't small business big enough up that britain our economy is tv we're not tacky we're not swaps in a swiss and we're not canada we need to have and agree and ongoing relationship with the european union that will take many years to nicole shea and we can't just say we've been given instructions to leave to we too is lacking in confidence that that the establishment well allows lisa let's hold class off the cliff and then we've definitely gone that's not how it works we are acting in good faith we will leave the we will leave in accordance with or his right for our economy and that will take some time it takes defiantly since like what's happened to the last sixteen months and he said a seventeen months to go till we lay what's up into the last sixteen months that does sweet nothing i mean they just spend all their time fighting amongst themselves and they have wasted all this time and we're now halfway through the alleged period so of course we need to have a period of an interim period i frankly feel that they need to be doing no more harm to to britain and leave it iin anna status quo and then hopefully they'll pierre an election and we can be responsible for.

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