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It's a good one. He's terrific. <hes> like i saw danny mcbride ally she was on. I guess what are the talk shows. Recently connie west approach tim about danny playing connie west in a biopic about connie as life. That's so kind yeah. I guess danny lives in south carolina now. Now i know that your boy he is weird. You play me in the story of my life. No they should they should they should get chris. Read the guy who impersonates s._n._l. Danny mcbride were great. How listen you mentioned a lot of greats. Those sport court shows playmakers was another one had short live only one year v._n. Yeah i can't even think of that. Many other one's missing a bunch of coach. I mean in with greg cote very tempting. You guys executive producer. That team bought a minor league hockey team and i did a story on k. Cow so i got to go to the set of coach on warner warner brothers <hes> they were very nice. Shelly for bray who played christina elson wife on that show is super big show he goes on for number seasons by mill is going quite mythical minnesota state now going network by network but just shut but sport by sport and talk to thinking of scripted versions of rock meyer your buddy i liked you're missing hanging with mr cooper. We're had holly robinson and that was a great show by the time as well yeah. That was the other one time with reggie theus as the head coach reggie theus thought they were amazing shows kidding but that was what i grew up of watching it was like saturday morning wasn't johnny bench on a show called the baseball bunch or something before my time. Mr cooper was a real game with mr for was terrible. No it was it was fantastic. Yeah mark curry is that his name robinson that shows off so what would you based on this real show show you're talking about failed and broken dreams and young people finding themselves housing all the issues of <hes> what it's like to raise kids and on a budget and it's just really a beautiful show and <hes> yeah right started is a book by a guy named busby singer who and when it came out when the book came out it went to number one in the new york times bestseller list but the people in midland and odessa were mad had at because they thought he was too honest. They thought he revealed too much about their culture. You worked down in texas in beaumont friday. They night lights games..

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