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And so how you kevin a nikki for an example after kevin di built in an actress nikki warren uh uh beer just very very dynamic and average two of them they work together a lot and so i i i since marijuana risk sweater so i would like to do a he'll enlisted little about it and then vacate that emiko yet and so i told them okay you guys think of a tidal you think of what you want your show to be what you want new like that and then they came out with their with their format do they say well we wanted today with the cabinet nikki show on five live bull who it could that staff you'll k look this is what we're going to interview people and we're gonna have topics and like this boom and fill so we how it works as we sit down we create develop an ideal embedding we structure it into a form that they'll he said a scheduled for recording it then i added britain goals from there and speaking of the scene so very happy to to a now that uh great catch hit he's a grammy award winning producer engineer you were just the grabby for the misha's eucation of lauryn hill album while he wa he is on the fives live on rodman's to touch this team and he to win the producing in engineering of all the far products that go out so.

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