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Always calls it is the most terror attack and says he's deploying thousands more soldiers to God's sites like places of worship and schools. French police say three people have been killed. There are reports one of them was beheaded. The pope calls the killings Savage. They've bean tensions in France recently over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed Lisa, thanks son and also a backlash in Muslim countries, including diplomatic rebukes over the French president's defense of the slain teacher. You showed a cartoon is part of a free speech lesson. Turkey, though, is condemning today's attack, saying it stands with the people of France against terror and violence. What was Hurricane Zeta now blamed for at least three deaths in three states in two million power outages after landing in Louisiana yesterday? Still a tropical storm earlier today in North Carolina. America's listening to Bach's teas. Hiring to be challenged male deejay news time 11 02. Good morning, I'm Robert would topping Austin's news. Do you have pandemic fatigue? Local health professionals are concerned and most of us do and that combined with the holidays Could lead to a spike in covert 19 cases, saying David's medical director of infectious disease doctor Brian Metzger, says the trends or something to worry about just in the past couple of weeks. We've seen cases and hospitalizations rise from where they were just a few weeks ago. And that's concerning, he says. This might be a good year to sit the holidays out and keep your family and friends safe, takes his House Speaker Dennis Bond and see support growing for the idea of having DPS help. Austin believes patrol part of the city. The conversations are about creating a zone. That would have GPS. Doing the policing, not removing the city of Austin or the Austin P D but supporting them because the city is making decisions to not allow them to do their job. That zone would include the U. T campus and downtown area. Some Texas groups have had their Facebook accounts cancelled ahead of the election over concerns. Take it inside. Election related violence open Carry Texas is one of those groups and organizer C. J. Grisham says the move shows a clear bias trying to silence the people that are opposed to their leftist agenda, trying to undermine any attempts to expose the left policies, especially as it relates to guns and freedom. At a U. S. Senate hearing this league, Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted Facebook's CEO for censorship. And now the K O B. J radar. Weather Watch this afternoon. Strong winds gradually subsiding with plenty of sunshine and high 64 Tonight we're easy during the evening, otherwise chili.

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