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Something for you album. I won't say who but he wants the observation that Asian people have vic cabs useless observation. Yes now I'm going to be looking good by mail or something that will surely McNeil feel great. He is one hundred percent correct regarding the claim by businesses that they don't throw out food food for liability reasons. That's actually thing that hasn't really ever had ever businesses pedal this excuse all the time but this claim is brought up in products liability L. D. discussions in law school as an example of things that quote sound real. But aren't the real presume. Reason is that they don't want to attract homeless people to the restaurant or store. That's that's from a law student. So I'm the one who said that it's a liability reason. I think I think is a split because I worked at whole foods is and they threw out the food for liability. I think I said it's fake though. Oh and you think it's fake reason that they gave up but they really are just like US call it seven ten split in bowling. I don't know what that bowling metaphors today. Goodbye you've got mail Bianca but mostly Neil bit most mostly Haney Guba. Mostly Neil for this since Bianca seems like a well functioning person. Mother fucker just worried to just wanted to write in about my experience with five. I've dealt with mental issues since I was a teenager currently twenty nine being diagnosed as either a combination of severe depression and social anxiety disorder or bipolar to six. Different medications in combination. Didn't seem seem to help. Much beyond numbing may serve the past for years. I've stopped taking pills altogether and Dell my mental swings like an old time sea-captain racing against the storm results were mixed after healing. Neil after hearing neil talk about mental health issues and relating so well is experience I gave up my no more pills stance and tried taking some five. HDP last week since you said it was one of the only settlements that made a difference. Now you felt a comedians. PODCASTS isn't the best place for medical advice. No it's not ready for this but fuck it right within an hour of taking it. The first day I felt almost maniacally happy like a box got unlocked in my brain. I've taken one hundred milligrams with breakfast every day and even though that initialising isn't there anymore this the first time in my life I've been able to motivate myself to participate in life and the things. I love writing reading leaving the house. I love leaving the house this anxiety. Zayed's wins why bother attitude. That used to kill a motivation. That crib is noticeably. Better and I kind of myself for taking this long to find the right mix of chemicals for my fucked brain. He goes on But try something this goes for everybody. He said he wished he'd try. TMS earlier associate with shock treatment. It's not shock-treatment like we have do be in twenty one thousand nine hundred there. You're you helped. I know that nobody. I texted this this Charlemagne the other day like not n- sent me. Charlemagne wrote an article last week in and somebody sends me like I. She said she was crying. Mediate and I didn't even I wrote that as like take a last minute thing in nobody talks about it. I talk about it. Trauma Talk About Kevin Love Talks about it. That's the list in terms of people that are like in terms of men that talk about it openly. If I'm forgetting somebody forgive me but it's small it's fucking silly so try something and Don't you know don't be proud. Don't be stubborn. Just try them. It's you what do you have to lose other than. Maybe you go a little nuts. No you won't go nuts you'll be fine stopped whatever ever does you can stop it. We have to stop. We have to stop the pike is right now because I have to go and it's been an hour and forty I five weeks so this is this is a great one one of the greats spread it bye bye. I took.

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