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The weekend mesa hot shot superintended Patrick Moore is a veteran of many hurricanes for many on the team this is their first experience one person is dead another injured after strong winds caused six big rigs to rollover on interstate ten last night about sixty miles west of Phoenix four of the trucks rolled the in the eastbound lanes the other two in the westbound lanes one time tropical storm Ferdinand which ship northeastern Mexico could have a big impact on Arizona's weather next week Arizona State University. Lima tala just Randy survey says the storm impulse of Fernand continues to work its way across Mexico Monday or Tuesday of next week that impulse is gonna get over Mexico and finally get into Arizona and if we have any kind of oyster that could actually help trigger some pretty decent thunderstorms Germany says he's also expecting to see a more active eastern Pacific hurricane a ahead which will hopefully bring more rain to Arizona well the Carolinas are dealing with hurricane Dorian here in Arizona we're dealing with the fire it's the river fire it's burning three miles east of New River and has grown to eighteen hundred acres with zero containment it's not a threat to homes or even though people in communities near New River mesa may smell some smoke a federal judge has ruled that the F. B. I.'s terror watch list is unconstitutional the case was brought by twenty three Muslim American plaintiffs represented by the council on American Islamic relations which said their conclusion on the late inclusion on the list is baseless and has subjected them to years of harassment and humiliation.

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