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Airplanes out the window exactly evan. Thanks again. flights expo dot com flight sim association. Dot com. this has been awesome. Really appreciate it in. Can't wait to have you back on again. Thanks so much karl. You know if you're watching this right now. Make sure you go out there to flight tim. Association dot com. We really appreciate evan coming here and also appreciate all those people who take the time out to contribute to flights in mexico and also the flight sim association dot com. We're going to figure out how to do that. Meet up. i can't wait to have one in the future right here at lakeland linder airport but most importantly and get out there on the internet. If you're not flying right now if you're in lockdown or whatever one of the best ways to get back into aviation is through simulators and through the online experience and the best way to do that. I think is a community and you can look at it online. Flight sim association dot com. Really appreciate your listening. Don't forget if you want to support the podcast got stuck. Mike advocates dot com slash patron for every ten dollars. We.

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