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We went to Grimaldis today over in scottsdale. We usually go to the one me sir. Jonet went to northern went to the grimaldis and scottsdale my website. I go maybe we should go check this place out. Let's go look at some other. Nope we're gonna get car. We're going to go home to many people and scott. Say what are they doing out at one o'clock in the afternoon on friday. I'm like yet that thing of can't go to walmart on the third of the month. 'cause everybody's got their check and they're all trying to buy so my wife's like nope so she's amazon. We buy everything from amazon. Yeah i definitely feel. I feel like we're kindred spirits. I feel her stress being pushed down. And that it's gonna come out somehow some way So it's good that you i. I need her to like i think she's used to pushing her stress down right. She's the hero. She doesn't like she was raised. She's used like how i was raised like. Just shut it off. Don't let those emotions be seen. Save yourself said thing with her mother was just sake. It's like something we talked about earlier. It's like i'm the i i'm around when you're nodding off from whatever so she's like she's like we're. I was thirteen or ten hundred driving in a car. Mom's on the nod. She's like so she gets nervous. If i try to drive. No i'm gonna drive because it's a thing of you know i can't not a control you know same thing they'd be a dinner and her mom had be so he had always being control. Yeah so like growing up. She just had to be like it's we have to fend for herself. She has an older brother and it was. Just you know acura. I get it i up the same way you know you just have to. It's a survival yeah. It's a thing of the said the stress. She needs a valve to relieve the stress. Because she still carries that like you said does a post traumatic stress disorder. Things that you are carrying from your past that you don't need to carry anymore I think when you grow up in survival mode you don't know how to let go of that. It's hard yeah. Well that's why whether mom would write us. I can lead you on. This is okay. But her mom would rightous and be like. Hey i tell daniel. I love her tiller. Happy easter tiller. Whatever daniel it'd be like whatever sheets write it threw me because daniel wouldn't follow her on facebook. Yeah so will you. Will you guard yourself from being hurt or disappointed again. And yeah and you did this to me. We're done done animal. So yeah yeah which you said she understands. Now she's pure and you know. Yeah her soul defensively. It's not the physical world makes. It talked so we don't come into the world assholes. Yeah the world makes us assholes You know. I don't know that baby on would Roger rabbit he was an asshole. You know what is do more often wonder well some personality traits you are born with. I mean i well. It's like everybody searcher liberate. Hitler wasn't born to kill. Hitler was probably acute baby. Had his favorite song psych. All this chemist loved art and then he was like the doll..

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