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Seven twenty on the pier and the and he's got the best winning percentage in the sport you can never count him out of the game they rallied from down to nothing to beat the Rockies stadium eight two Edwin Encarnacion got a grand slam Erin judge a two run blast Mike talk when three had consisted always worried you never complain about anything or complain about this and that is because I've done a work and does it have a guy that I know those gonna get anything in our store now when this and now in the more about to get some more comfortable again moreover do so for the for judge courtesy of yes G. half was in a sharp as twenty one five innings and struck out eight zero say enough about what he did just to get through the five emperors in a good spot because coming off the double header we needed the endings for sure it's been coach Josh Barton filled in for and remove the manager was suspended one game for his viral and profane rant forge Brenda Miller the other there was a time in the game where I felt like you know guys were getting pretty heated I felt like players coaches could have been ejected in that game especially in early in the game and I didn't want that it's the Miller got better as the game went on and handled the situation with more class than he did last year to knock it takes the ball this afternoon full twenty five three given the fan the nets did not reward you if you stayed up late for their game with the giants last night and that's because left fielder Dominic Smith drop the rather routine fly ball the two out of ten Alex the Christian for from first in San Francisco one one nothing Jake at the ground obviously got no run support struck out ten over seven minutes only three hits it's the great game online and hello and when he had on his life you know we have to give some support and we were unable to do that place of classes again Walker Locke Walker locket on the mound today three twenty five free game WCBS eight eighty Matt Harvey got the estate by the angels is here is worth the seven this season mariners feet those angels had nothing Mike Leake was three outs away from a perfect game in a no hitter white Sox beat the rays nineteen Orioles over the red Sox limited to blue Jay stop the Tigers well.

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