Beantown, Philadelphia, Google discussed on Overdue - Ep 252 - Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Live in Boston)


And then we talk about what happens in the book and along the way we make jokes and make fun of ourselves and sometimes the book everyone loves this book we might make fun of it or might make fun rounds see and leisure rats get a bad rap we're gonna talk running order by that rats rats are maligned unfairly and i have i have seen the light but will never say a bad thing about her at again we got an hour can you so before we get into the book i gotta figure on my sooner so i mean i broke my stand so don't do that but we wanted to celebrate being in beantown guess what your cholerae beantown we're from cheese stake city downs two hundred philadelphia so we wanted to tell some boston jokes that we didn't write them we did google them and the one that sold andrew on this idea was the first one i found and i don't know this applies specifically the boston as most of these jokes don't why do ducks flyover boston upside down there's nothing worth crap and on horror schnell dogs that is a really good joke and my my problem this is a segment of the progress where i review jokes that is the bplus joke i think solid be plus but the problem with the is it could apply to any location now i have found some that are boston specific oh good what kind of milled music to the pilgrims listen to.

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