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Yes of getting more of that grunge element like i was trying to figure it out because i'd always in my head i haven't listened to him in a while but i would always in my head thought of them as like a like a weird post metal band you know and then like looking back at it it's definitely more than that way more punk it's way more punk way more garage it's also but it's still heavy it's fuck but that's because of that weird they're using that fuzz tone is really bass heavy yeah but you hear a lot of like early nineties late eighties grunge in there yet fucking sick so that's gay which abortion which was cool rewards i love how triggering that name was to the right people good deal yeah so that's the that's the show at the diaper show that's the diaper show thank you so much laura for coming to doing it yes of course picking the diaper video thank you matt for co hosting thanks you let me talk about a diaper that's no more though okay you've reached your your your capacity said diapers fifty times can't say it anymore you just said it again that was the fiftieth time okay plan this all right so once again that awful sound taking a two week break if you need content and i know you do you guys are content pigs if you need content you can subscribe at the patriot patriot dot com slash that awful sound p r e n dot com slash that awful sound you can also listen to minion death cult where you can hear myself matt and tony tebas boswell.

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