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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Jeanine Herbst. There are no survivors after an Ethiopian airliner crashed in Addis baba this morning after taking off her Kanye one hundred fifty seven people including eight Americans were on board. And here's ADA Peralta has more from Nairobi leave the open airlines plane took off from ATI SABA headed tonight Roby, but just a few minutes later the plane crashed killing everyone on board. Eighteen Canadians and eight Americans were among those killed. If you open c o two wilt says they still don't know what caused the crash, but this was a brand new Boeing plane being flown by a senior pilot. There were no indications. He says that something was wrong with it this same model plane crashed last year in Indonesia pilots complained that Boeing failed to flag significant changes to some of the flight control systems. In a statement. Boeing says it is standing by to provide support for the investigation. Eight and pair news Nairobi in. Syria. Us-backed local forces have resumed their offensive on the last pocket of ISIS held territory as NPR's Ruth lock reports they had suspended operations for several days to give civilians a chance to escape and fighters. A chance to turn themselves in US backs Lecco forces in Syria say the deadline for ISIS to surrender from its final piece of territory has expired Aliko commander says frontline troops moving to attack. What remains of the extremist group the offensive against beggars in northeast Syria has dragged on for weeks. The US backed SDF militia suspended fighting to Alaska villains to flee and those ISIS fighters that wanted to to surrender. Tens of thousands of people have streamed out of this malaria, some had been taking shelter in caves or tunnels. Now, the SDF one to attack those ISIS vices that they say have decided to make a last stand wreath Shylock NPR news favorite President Trump's twenty. Twenty budget includes another eight point six billion dollars to continue Bill building the wall along the US Mexico border that request would more than double the eight point one billion dollars potentially available to him from other government programs after he declared a national emergency in order to circumvent. Congress minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer says he hopes they won't see another shutdown like the last one sending the nation into a thirty five day turmoil. Congress refused to fund his wall. The president was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government without getting his wall. The same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again, so we hope he's learned his lesson. The budget to be unveiled tomorrow also contains a proposed five. Percent reduction in most domestic non-defense portions of the budget. The budget also calls for an increase in childcare spending with a proposed.

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