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Clear yet where Sally will reach land. Alaska Airlines has suspended all flights in and out of Portland, Oregon, until later today because of wildfire smoke and visibility Issues. Hazy, smoky skies filed Washington State as well, and experts say some parts of California might not see relief until next month, a multi million dollar settlement has been reached in Louisville, Kentucky, and a lawsuit involving the death of Briana Taylor. Here's the AP is my camping. It hasn't officially been announced, but a person who has seen the agreement says this will be the largest sum ever. Paid by the city for a police misconduct case. The person also says the agreement includes reforms on how warrants are handled by police. Taylor was shot several times by officers serving on narcotics warrant at her home. Taylor's mother filed a lawsuit alleging the police use flawed information when they obtained a no knock warrant to enter the black woman's apartment. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is investigating. I'm Mike Hemp in Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says the Corona virus strategy for the Trump Administration has become far too political. I'm calling on secretary a czar to resign. Immediately. We need a secretary of Health and human services who will look out for the American people, not President Trump's political interests. President Trump is said to preside over the signing of historic diplomatic deals between Israel and to Gulf Arab nations, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. This is AP News The World Trade Organization, says Trump Administration tariffs against China are illegal decision marks the first time the W T O who's ruled against a serious of terms the President Donald Trump has imposed on a number of countries, allies and rivals alike. In its decision, the trade body ruled against the administration's argument that China's engage in practices harmful to American interests on issues including intellectual property theft. Technology transfer on innovation. The ruling in theory would allow China to impose retaliatory tariffs on billions worth of U. S goods if the process is completed, But the U. S government can't appeal the decision. I'm Charles Asthma. Lego is making a move to protect the environment by ditching plastic bags to hold its brick figures in box sets. Paper bags will be used. The plan by Lego is to be free of plastic in five years. Hasbro also has plans to discontinue plastic packaging. I made Donahue AP News. The international reputation of the US has declined further in the wake of its handling off the Corona virus Pandemic finds the Pew Research Center In some of the 13 countries surveyed favorable views of the US who've fallen to record lows. Do you started polling on the topic nearly two decades ago. Although the international image of the U. S has bean in decline since President Donald Trump took office in 2017, Pew found that it's being dented further by what is perceived to be a badly handled response to the pandemic. Researchers found that immediate of just 15% of respondents say the U. S. Has done a good job during the crisis, in contrast to perceptions around the World Health Organization or the European Union, both of which enjoy it. Majority approval. Charles Ledesma, London Thank.

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