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I am. It's true. Thank you from everyone else. Yeah, you're welcome behalf of you and your money. Thank you. Welcome. I truly don't know where it is, but that's a thing for another time. We internet stalked you quickly and love it figured out that you were on Ellen. Why I was for singing. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, tells about an amazing singer. Thank you so two thousand eleven. I was living in Michigan. I did a cover of. I did like a mash up cover of Brittany. Spears and Bruno Mars and press Hilton, put it on his website. He put a few things up and then Britney Spears dot com. Put it up, and then I have. I had an Email from like Ellen Degeneres producers and I'm living in Michigan. I've never been on TV. I've never been to Los Angeles. We didn't even have to know. So I thought it was fake doing a phone call with them, and it turned out to be real. If days later they brought me out, I couldn't tell anyone where I was going. So I'm like flying into l. a. just secretly I went on, so I didn't meet her beforehand, but I met her like, I mean, I actually went out, did my little dance sat down and actually talk to her. I talked a lot about it was during it gets better thing online bullying. So I think that they were interested in kind of my back story of like just being someone that doesn't look like who people expect online and a lot of backlash for it to talk about that. And then I performed the song I was freaking out the entire town. I was like, I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I confess I had no concept of how big I mean. I knew how big it was, but I didn't understand. I think how many people were seeing it. Right. And then at the end of the episode, so when I was talking to producers, they had asked me, you know, who do you listen to like? Who do you like? And I had said, oh, I started playing music because of Jason Meraz interest pretty men. And I really liked acoustic music. I was like, I really like this little UK artist right now called Adele, like she hadn't put an element over here. She only had nineteen. So I was like watching her stuff on YouTube and I was like, she's really, really good. So at the end of the episode Ellen's, like aweso were having a dull next month. We're going to bring you back on my gosh. So they brought me back to like watcher soundcheck and like hang out at the show almost a month later, come back to LA. I'm sitting at her sound check. It's like knee and Ellen producers. And at some point they sent me the video of this. It's like creepy and there's no audio to it really. But Ellen goes up to Dell's. She's like, oh yeah, this girl here. Megan and Adele looks like, oh, I know her done covers her stuff. So there's like creepy footage of me and Adele and Ellen, just like sitting there other. Adults talking about how much she hates lying and I'm freaking out. And so I think I handed her a CD at some point. I have no idea basically adult Airbus friends that is incredible. That's such a own my God. That's really cool..

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