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Rachel Meditation Music from the Haitian then. You're leans boo traditions. Where public is My D- what they call law got head seen as an elderly man with a cane wearing a straw hat and eat smoking. Pipe or sprinkling water on the ground at Queen accompanied by Black Dog. Sometimes right So that brings us after this great interview with David Beth for which. I'm very grateful and many things David for your time. And and how interesting participation in this and this brings to an end of this week's episode of assaults her podcast once again. I thank you all that we have been with us today and hope you enjoy it just as much what David had to say. And also the other bit that represented here this time. I am not going to announce you who is going to be our guest next week and believe it or not but Corona virus and all. Its things happening in people's timetables and in my time table altogether. Make that I don't want to announce something that I'm not absolutely sure once again. What is going to happen? Which will be. The cement will be guest on our show. Next week that there will be a show. That's for sure. I have always one or two things in reserve and pulled them out when necessary but trust follow my facebook or twitter page or even on the website thermes DOT COM. And you will find out as soon as it is fixed. What will be the show next week? In any case next week will be episode twelve of the season four of the saucer Ms Podcast and did this great debt. You're following always increasing numbers. Once again I would also like to point out debt. Talk to other people about this author. Ernest podcast if you like it. The more people we get to listen to this show the easier. It will also be for me to get some corporate sponsorship which I'm trying to do now and that would be nice if you help. Maybe just spreading word and tell people listen to this. It's great. I hope that's what you think. It is great to have you with me here. Thank you for being do today with us in those strange and difficult time somehow. I hope you'll be back. End All healthy and safe next week again and for now. I'm saying to you take care. State.

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