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They then take the actions necessary to create it and so it is that belief that allows us to continue to move forward and then finally it's about the love that you have like most people don't quick it's hard they really quick 'cause they don't love it enough where they allow fear to sabotage them if you love it you won't fear it love casts out fear and so i had this very successful person that was really struggling because they were so full of fear i should remind me when you first started how you felt i was loving i was living my dream i said tell me about now i'm worried about losing when a half i don't wanna let others down they were now full of fear i remind them just to get back to the love they had and if you love it and you focus on that love fear dissipates and fear has no power over you so love is the ultimate driver of grit so if that vision that optimism that love and that purpose that drives you to do what you're born to do we don't get burned up because of what we do we get burned out because we forget why we do remember that remember that why that love that vision that optimism it will take you where you wanna go now folks that's a m then is a mini sermon at and you can just keep listening to that those of you that consume the show via podcast you just rewind that last three or four minutes listen to it again maybe cut it out of the podcast and stick it on you know a little short play there and it's really really good stuff and now you know why i'm friends with people like john gordon i tell you people all the time that you really need to be focused on who you hang out with you need to have people who lift you john you're lift or not a sucker you know how to say it the people that just sucked the life out of you you call them an vinnie energy vampires and they just do and man you encouraged me today i know our audience is encouraged for let you go.

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