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Said that bob's comments the inmates running the prison comments that were made in the nfl league owners meeting comments that bob mcnair claims were made about league executives comments that he apologized for with a written statement but then in a interview with the wall street journal that was released last week backtracked on saying he wished he hadn't apologized he said that we can't have the inmates running the prison i think it was because he was emphatically trying to present to the rest of the league owners that they don't want the players to have more power than them which i totally would understand but inmates running the prison certain people i think took the quote in and blew it up into something that it wasn't and we have been talking nonstop about some of the weird things that bob mcnair has said in his tenure with the texans andre said that those comments though when he heard them all those made him skip the ring of honor ceremony that the team had for him in november later that month early on i i wouldn't say i wanna say surprise me but i just didn't i read bit to know that you did so much you know for franchising then him come on and say something like that where was the you can't let the prisoners run the are in matron yeah like at the end of the day you don't make the money you don't run it right you know what i'm saying so if you if you take some people off the street and put him in nobody's coming to watch that so it was it was it was real touchy with me i even thought about not doing the ring ceremony really now you ultimately ended up doing it and i remember being in the halftime booth trying to broadcast it that was an interesting experience because it wasn't exactly a hundred percent sure of what to do the ceremony like that basically i just ended up filibuster against saying things that i remembered about andre johnson until andre was ready to actually do his speech so that we could play it over the texans radio network but these comments you hear them andre doesn't even remember them one hundred percent was he as outraged as dwayne brown clearly not and dwayne brown talked about it in his sit down with aaron foster being shocked also about bob mcnair coming into the texans locker room and saying strange comments.

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