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A single tier would flow down my face if elissa one aged tomorrow. Yeah well it's only a single here to be dramatic it's comical because the even when the cook hasn't been in power like that they've been able to like manipulate the hoa churches to get what they want like. It's been super impressive. Like the one even when the not an ideal. H h wins. Well the thing. That's so impressive. And i think that is something people are missing when they start complaining all. It's a p they're just like steamrolling everyone all blah blah blah. It's not boring like they faced adversity. They faced that they should not have been able to get out of it because each each member of the cookout has unique interesting skills that they can use to gain an advantage even when they have absolutely no business getting an advantage. And then and i don't even think if they're against particularly weak competitors. I think that they're just doing such a good job. And i have to respect that. And i'm like i'm excited like this. This is history. And it's awesome to see you totally. I mean. think about a situation where you have this same sort of setup with a six person alliance. They don't win any competitions and they're not good strategically look. If you don't have this group of people who are so good in terms of strategies social dame manipulation all of that like you literally can't get them to do anything they would be out. We got it doesn't matter the of six people that are loyal to each other because you would just take them out one by one laid them that they are so good at convincing people to do their bidding even though they have one no power essentially they won like just a couple of wages or whatever like most of the time. they're not in power muslim. They don't have the veto and there's silly we'll get what they want to happen. It so impressive. yeah. I don't understand people who are saying this season so boring. They're not. It's like spell predictable. And i'm like what are you talking about. You know if they were winning. H h h h wage. I can understand the fact that they're making this happen with absolutely. No power is so impressive. And i don't understand why people don't see that those where people's alliances will win half the competitions and they can't get like look at twenty found one stuff like a lot of stuff and i couldn't get anything so like you gotta give it up to the game play. Yeah most of the big giant alliances. Like if you're talking about like the bomb squad grateful or the committee your level six. They're winning competitions like they are solidly up in power week after week. And that's how they're able to steamroll whereas like this is a sort of like under under the radar out of power of steamroll where you don't really see that often because for the most part like god doesn't work because you need power in order to do anything or making moves you want to happen and they're literally making it to the end making it look like a steamroll with heavy power. It's very impressive. Well let's talk about The big plan to back door. Derek x Claire talks to sarabeth. Claire is able to sort of suss out from what's is saying that Dr geck's is going to go to the block. She tells derek x that. It's going to be a back door. And and tiffany comes in. Finally she joins this conversation. tiffany is pretending. She doesn't know this is going to be the case. Is that accurate at the point where we saw this on the show. The tiffany not know that there was a backdoor target and think everybody knew like basically.

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