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The Cleveland Browns, adding Odell Beckham junior to the team seemed like a reasonable response ban are pal. Kevin Clarke from the ringer tweeted that this trade events is a clear difference in philosophy. The Browns have figured out that having good players as good while the giants think having good players as bad. We will see who is right. We hit you. What do you think? Well, I blame I blame Bill Belichick for all of this IBM. It it feels like there was so many years in which the patriots were trading a person you'd heard of for a set of draft picks that didn't seem that high. And I think that kind of like rubbed off on the Dave settlements of the world who like we're just like the kind of popped into believing that like you trade someone for draft picks. You get to win the trade. It's like, no, they always say that Bill Bella check when the trade. So why didn't I get the win the tread? Well, this is running up to different Bella truck, plots fees. Here's there's also the philosophy of signing. For instance. Randy moss, the wide receiver who is going to be in the hall of fame is currently in the hall of fame was going to be in the hall of fame when the patriots got him, but is considered a prima Donna or a head case or annoying and Clark Kevin Clarke wrote this whole piece Stephan about how sort of like what? What Ben was saying that teams for whatever reason now are not appreciating good players enough. And that they think they're smart enough that they can you know, scheme their way to success without having great players. They think great players who too expensive. You know? I don't know what the rationale is. But I think the Oto vaccum trade, and the Tonio Brown trade are both evidence of, you know, whether you want to call it hubris, whatever you wanna call it of teams being like, we're gonna move on from these talented players, and are like brilliant. Organizational philosophy is going to lead us to success. I'm telling Brown trade is is a little bit murkier because he did want to renegotiate a contract. You didn't want a lot more money, but the Beckham on obviously makes no fucking sense on any level as Kevin Clark and others wrote. But we also note that in both cases, the Brown trade and the Beckham trade. What binds them together is that these trades made. Absolutely, no financial sense for these teams the NFL has salary cap..

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