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Louis Feed Bank and feeding America. So you guys have been really engaged is bid. Just been part of kind of the way you you know many ways in which you pull the team together at a time like this you can kind of make me channel guys into the cause here and you know focus on on what everybody can do proactively. Certainly everything starts with with the generosity of our ownership group and Ted Leonsis head of monumental. Sports is always had the double bottom line. We have very much about being great neighbors and caring about the community around us and it just trickles down to everybody and organization so the wizard side our players actually approached said. Hey what can we do? How can we help? And you try to solve things. I start locally in offbeat that are on the front lines in DC. The healthcare workers that was something or out more. Nate and ward eight is an area. That's at as has Has Really recognize a lot of the economic recovery of other parts of DC is still up in common in our facilities kind of the temple of Ordway to we want to reach out and having relationships with hospitals that are closest toward a is there on the front lines working with the Kobe patients and stuff so that was just a small thing. Everybody on our team is doing something. Either here in DC something in their own hometown to making the world a better place if it's feeding people if it's if it's extra money For for gift cards for people that are having trouble making ends meet every players out there trying to do stuff and Bradley and John Certainly been at the front of that but all of our players have reached out and make connections and made donations the thing that the feeding the front miss a real simple way that we could show our gratitude for people that are really putting themselves at risk every single day to help help helpfully get people back on their feet. Yeah no that's great As it has been very cool just seeing the the NBA has been. I'm sure I'm sure the other sports have to probably. I'm not paying close attention but I do think the NBA's been really good On this across the board being really engaged and also not just the all the contributions and everything else but Steph curry interviewing Dr Fao. She an all day thing. It's it's been it's been cool. It's been very fun to see all right. So if you'll indulge me on this I I was on a podcast with Fred Katz. Great Wizards beat writer for the athletic. A few months back and I I've laid out why I think and this is the awkward conversation to have reported to. Gm We're friends. So I know you'll take this the right way. I'm not advocating. The Bradley beal should leave the wizards. But I've I've kind of laid out a few times including on Fred's podcasts. Why think it feels to me almost inevitable in this in this era of player empowerment player movements superstar movement? That that we're on a path here so let me lay out the the because it's only fair if I if I'm going to put this case out there tell me what I'm wrong. Or what the counter argument is I look at bill and I say he's. He's turning twenty seven in June. Two Time All star eight years in coming off one of his best seasons certainly statistically but did not make the all star team probably in large part because of the wizards record. That's that's held him back a little bit and certainly a point of frustration. He's he's he's been upfront about that. been in the playoffs. Four Times has not been past the second round and his his co star. John Wall is turning thirty in September and coming off of one of the toughest injuries in the NBA to recover from. And so my feeling is I would totally understand it if I'm not. I'm not advocating this. But if I were his agent maybe if I were anybody in his camp I'd be saying well you know what you gotta you gotTa look at where you are. You're firmly in your prime. Your Co Star is coming back from this really tough injury. He's about to turn thirty wizards got some some short-term cap issues here still you know Tommy Sheppard I know zoom be doing all these great things now as as GM but can you afford to wait that long. Bradley beal to me just seeing the way. This league has gone the last five to ten years and you and I have been around about the same amount of time in this league. You we've seen were things have shifted and guys are taking it on themselves to say you know what I I. It's it's my career. I'm going to steer it and if I don't WanNa wait or if I think there's a better path to winning somewhere else I'm GonNa go. We've seen it many many times. We don't need to go through all the examples but the basic outline of it and then the last piece of that is this too. I know that modern medicine is great. And I'm sure John Wall as you've noticed working his tail off to get back to who he was but no one's one hundred percent after an Achilles so even if he's at eighty percent ninety percent whatever it is even at one hundred percent they were not getting out of the second round in prior years. So I look at all that and I think it would be reasonable to feel like this is where this is going to tell me where I'm wrong or what I missing or what. The counterargument is for bills. Long term. Future. With the wizards well. It's always something that I take into consideration what you're saying certainly but I I will tell you this in no offense at all but you don't know Bradley beal not putting on the scale that Bradley's his own man and you're right it does happen around the League but he made a decision this summer to extend with us in his whole thing is I want to be that I plays with one team mile entire friend of mine entire career. I WanNa be the guy that made the change and help us. Elevate this franchise and go win a championship. And he has strong shoulders to carry this franchise. We built this team from three years ago when we were in the playoffs. Last you know the only players left on our roster next season We had his John Wall and Bradley. Beal you know the NBA changes fast. We add team. That was About eight minutes from going to the conference finals against Boston broke down in the fourth quarter on the road of a great series and since then John Really hasn't been healthy. Radley got us to the play offs the following year basically on his own We lost Toronto in six games. And then ever since then we've add difficult injuries but we changed our entire roster this summer when I sat down with Bradley actually at the end of last season we did our exit interview. Ask them what is it? GonNa take for you to believe in us to believe there was a change. I was the interim general manager Russell. Tell me what it's GonNa take for you to be part of this franchise moving forward and first and foremost is hey. Let's let's have the best possible work ethic highest character. Guys guys just WanNa work their butts off and get better everyday. That sets the tone that Bradley beal wants and we did that. We we change our roster completely as I said. Have a lot of young guys. We have some key additions. Britan's Ish Smith you know and I think when you add some of the thesis that we did Through the drafts. Through some trays. We kinda netted out with a pretty exciting roster with eight guys. Twenty three and younger that that can grow and Bradley's these is in the prime of his career and I think you'll be all NBA team this year as a matter of fact but I think he really was excited about what this first season. What he saw under under our leadership. I believe that he has been unbelievable partner in all the building that we've done he's been consulted on everything. I ask his input constantly. He's been. He has a great relationship with our coaching staff. And and we talk about Ford Player. Development is and all of our young players. Bradley's player development went up this year. He took his game to another level. he was robbed of an All Star. Opportunity this year. For whatever reason the coaches didn't select him I think he's made a point to make sure that they understand. It might have made a mistake and I see him being on the NBA team. As I said those are things. I don't think matters Bradley as much so. Let's get to the playoffs win games. That's what he's about in again. I I know you've interviewed him over the years but really being around I've seen the transformation she walked into our doors. The day he turned nineteen years old. And I've spent pretty much his whole career with him and I think we have always been very transparent with each other and he made it clear to me. This is where I WANNA be. I WanNa win and let's put the pieces together. I'm patient. I'll do whatever we have to do. This year will get John Back. That's GonNa be a big piece but we're going to grow and guess what I'm getting better every day. And that's Bradley saying that. And I know he can help carry this franchise if we've been patient but we're not going to be very patient very long. We want to win. And I think all these young players have shown no the drafting of Bradley was very fond of that. Some of the additions mobile bogner and obviously troy ground continues to grow. And you start throwing names out there and I don't WanNa leave anybody out but we have plenty of good young players to go with Nice roster and I think the addition of diabetes opened Bradley's IRA as the two brads used to be in the best shooter every Single Day in the gym. He goes into the guy who can challenge on that and and that really helps spread the floor and improve Brad. These opportunities on Florida's have a better shoes with him and adding Thomas Brian over the last year. All these guys Bradley if he didn't mention them by name you mentioned them by trade. This is what we need and we went out and acquired those things and now you've got to be patient and grow. I'm nobody's more impatient than I am and I really determined. I think this year we were on a pretty good trajectory. Some bad injuries at key moments of the season where we lost ruined for twenty plus we lost Wagner. We we're in women the doors open. We'll be in the nice spot you know. We were still competing for a playoffs spot this year in spite of all the injuries have John. So I make the case that I'd take my cues from Bradley and we talk every day and he loves what we're doing these excited about teacher think he's up for the challenge and I know he's under contract so we're in a good place. And he's never given any other indication other than how much he loves his ear and what she's looking forward not even just. I always going to his you know his Jersey to the rafters one day but it only matters damn splitting of Jamshid band up there. It's up to us to put that together. We have great leadership with Ted Leonsis. That's where all franchises are going to succeed or fail based on owner. Ted Ted has been the most committed owner of ever dealt with professional sports and he's all about championships he's got the capital's race abandoned the mystics raise the banner arena football teams. Raise the banner. So course whereas the wizards we're going to do that and we have. What is our absolute goal moving forward? But you can't cut cut corners to get there. We gotTA build it the right way. You mentioned financially. I think we're going to be in a good place moving forward. I cannot predict what the caps gonNA look like. That's not here to discuss Able to add through the draft that through free agents certainly get a roster better when you forward and that's what I'm looking forward to with Brad so at a long answer to your question so it was a long question so you know in a long preamble by me so it deserved a long detailed answer so see what people don't get to see right now or maybe they saw t shirt but it. It says we're not shutting down either of us going to on that. I'm GONNA tell you this Bradley bill for every indication he's given us. He is very happier and moving forward. He's looking forward to the challenge. And that's all great to hear and that is the kind of detailed and thoughtful response I would expect from ut ship and listen ultimately abundantly clear to fans..

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