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Cultural Economic Political. Maybe a dash of social issues these are discussions discussions. That we've been having since time immemorial but it's easy to view. These issues is binary. It's easy to view them as either black or white. What in fact there Sarah a whole lot of grey hi and welcome to the second episode smashing the Indian Patriarchy start with sex at? I would like to state that. The following topic is obviously an extremely sensitive one owing to the fact that it covers themes such as x rated content and sexual violence additionally I would urge all my listeners to listen to the piece in its entirety before drawing any conclusions. Because I've tried to address this very pressing issue in a brand of manner I would like to start off by bringing your attention to a report released released in June. Two Thousand Eight hundred the Reuters Foundation deemed India Indus report to be the most dangerous country in the world for women and for those of you you wondering they use four criteria to arrive at his judgment the first access to healthcare for women to second access to economic resources for women the third sexual abuse and harassment and the fourth human trafficking. Now if you go online and look at organizations such as Human Rights Watch or amnesty amnesty and other local as well as international media outlets. I'm sure that you will find tons of different sources that either agree with or contradict the conclusion off the Reuters report and be that as it may whether or not India's de most dangerous country in the world for women. The Saudi reality is this that certain parts of our our country are extremely dangerous for women and we have to be doing better to guarantee the safety and security of nearly five hundred million people in our country. We'll be looking at three key areas where we can at least begin to invest our time energy and resources towards solving. What is a highly pressing problem? The I allowing free access to sex education and explicit content the second dispelling the cultural myth and discussing all of households and finally ensuring that feminist movements are not restricted exclusively to privilege urban circles. So the first point allowing free access to sex education and explicit content the Indian government mandated that sex education be incorporated into all school syllabi throughout the country in two thousand five and they call the scheme the adolescence education education program and seriously props for passing the scheme as that is the first step however while this is certainly a promising first step simply having laws laws that mandate sex. Ed should not be perceived as the end goal in and of itself in fact laws on the books are useless. If they're not properly enforced to yield tangible manageable outcomes and sadly this is the reality on the ground in India especially in this regard Unisex published a two thousand thirteen report on the state of sex and reproductive-health in India which highlighted one of the major issues as the massive gap that currently exists between the policy legislation and policy implementation. Now it is important to note that this particular problem off there. Being a gap between policy legislation and implementation is not exclusively Sibley restricted to rural India. It is a problem that pervades urban upper middle class areas as well the proper enforcement of programs such as the adolescence education program program and conversations surrounding themes such as sexual intimacy and adolescents are simply not happening even top schools in urbanized cities. Take my own personal experience. I for one was privileged enough to do my schooling from a well reputed K twelve school in Bangor Banglore which for our non India. Listeners is my hometown and a city in southern India now my school was continually praised both locally as well as nationally for for having things like a strong academic standing and an affluent alumni network and yet during my entire time. They're not even once where we talked about sex education seriously. Don't get me wrong. We had adolescence. Education program is class but to put things in perspective during and one of our adolescence. Education program sessions in either the ninth or tenth grade wants to topic of menstruation. Came up all the guys in our entire batch watch were told to exit the seminar. Now as for me this. How can you claim that you're preparing future? Generations especially future men for healthy intimate and on sexual experiences when you're censoring information about periods and menstruation from all the guys in that class and keep in mind to reiterate this was the reality eighty in a private well reputed school in one of the most urbanized and developed cities and our country again for reference for our non-indian listeners. Government sources versus estimate Bangalore to be the third of the fourth richest city in India. So given this reality what do you think the state of adolescence education in rural India is going to beep veep now if you wish to dismiss my example purely because it's anecdotal. I urge you to consider the five findings of this 2015 in fifteen report published by the Indian Journal of Psychiatry as well as the UNICEF report of two thousand and thirteen which we mentioned earlier on in this episode so the first finding six percent of adolescent women and two percent of adolescent man note abysmally low numbers actually felt comfortable talking to their parents about menstruation. The second finding finding India has the largest number of adolescence in the world estimated to be roughly two hundred fifty million and yet only twenty percent of them have heard the terms. STD's STD's and seventy percent of them believe that men should take the final decision regarding sexual and reproductive health. The third almost seventy five percent of married read couples in rural India. Felt that they do not get adequate information about sex or marriage in their adolescent age before finding one in every three women report board experiencing both domestic abuse and domestic violence and the fifth and final. Finding it goes back to the point. I raised earlier about there being a massive gap off between policy legislation and policy implementation. So although the Indian government has these various initiatives although they have programs such as the adolescence education program a very small percentage of youth actually partake in these programs in fact the national average of youth participation in programs such as as rh which stands for the adolescent sexual and reproductive. Health strategy is a low. The national average of participation is eight percent which states like Bihar going as low as one percent and again the most important takeaway is this it is one thing to pass legislation. Mandating these programs grams exist but it is a totally different ballgame to actively spread awareness about these programs in schools and in public life and to train providers at add these clinics not to be flippant not to be insensitive to guarantee confidentiality and privacy among youth participants. These are the things that will increase youth participation so activism in this space and India needs to recognize one thing it isn't about passing stricter laws the laws already exist. It's about stricter implementation. Haitian and this problem is not restricted exclusively to schools unfortunately it spills over to all facets of our daily life as well now with the age of the Internet and smartphones smartphones. The world's database and a whole host of content is at our fingertips we have access to a whole area of content ranging from innocent too explicit explicit. Simply a few google searches away bearing this in mind. Some of you may be familiar with the Indian government. Banning Porn sites lead October two thousand eighteen for context. This born band was based on a two thousand fifteen directive from the ultra conned High Court that porn promotes sexual assault. Now newsflash the born ban obviously did not prevent people from consuming pornographic content in India topped and VPN which is a London based as VPN analytics platform reported four hundred and five percent increase in VPN downloads in India in the past twelve months loan since the porn bat. Now many of you may be thinking that you know what this could be a coincidence. There are a lot of reasons that the surgeon VPN downloads may have happened. It could have been a certain sports channel or certain Netflix show. That was not being broadcast in India. But Trust me. This was no coincidence. And it was causally linked to the porn ban a similar web and Israeli web analytics firm found out across more than twelve hundred porn sites. The monthly average of visits to these sites from Indian consumers consumers was two point three billion between January and October two thousand eighteen note right before the band takes place now this number rises to an average of two point eight billion which is roughly an increase of five hundred million in the months of November two thousand eight hundred to January two thousand nineteen again note note. These are the first three months after the porn band. And we've witnessed an increase of roughly five hundred million visits on porn sites born hub. which for those of you? You were going to pretend that you've never heard of that. Before is the world's largest platform four x rated content and found that sixty million visits to their site. We're from India alone in the month of November and December. Two thousand eight hundred. which again is the first two months immediately after the porn band takes place four knob estimates that this was pretty much at all time high for visits from India for the calendar year? Two thousand eight hundred further google trends. which is Google's official tool to analyze analyze data patterns at Google searches found that searches like porn? VPN and porn proxy sites went up by seven to ten times in the months following following the porn. Back so what are the implications of this porn bat. Or what are the implications. been thus far. Well firstly. It's not even having its intended effect of reducing the number of people consuming pornographic content the data I provided to you from similar web topped. VPN and Google Trans all demonstrate this fact secondly with no other alternative to consume such content users in India are opting to visit illegal platforms streaming sites which naught only don't provide the same protections as legal sites which will talk about in a second but actually profit off of disgusting and a heinous content in two thousand sixteen multiple media outlets ranging from Aljazeera to the Times of India reported that there was a demand in stores in rural or Turkish which is India's here's most popular state for rape videos that sold for less than three dollars and the shopkeepers of some of these stores said that these videos were often taken by the perpetrators to blackmail rape victims from filing complaints to the police. And we're done uploaded to these illegal porn sites ones. That did not have a strict. I guide lines as porn hub or any of the other platforms that were banned by the Indian government the recognition that sexual release and sexual desire are fundamental. Human needs is the first step to having the right outlook on sex education and starting the right conversation surrounding sex. The author British example shows us that people do not have an outlet to express these needs they will sadly resort to these horrifically disgusting measures and this sentiment was actually echoed by Mr Cory Vice. Who is the vice president off porn? He cautioned that India's ban of pornographic content would result in Indian streaming illegal platforms arms to consume the sad x rated content now again. Why is all of this dangerous? Well currently regulated platforms that host pornographic content such as porn hub uber. You porn are bound by strict guidelines for instance content that shows heinous acts such as torture or rape and not content. That shows abort acts like sexual intercourse with a minor to name a few are allowed on these legally regulated porn sites and again the example shows us that corey vices concerns of there being a black market for illegal pornographic content are far from unfounded. Did and this black market for pornographic content in tandem with our complete apathetic attitude to words. Sex and toward sex education is adding fuel fuel to the awfully depressing fire that we find ourselves in today. John Milton and John Stuart Mill who were both legendary philosophers from the seventeenth. Mhm Century founded a concept called the marketplace of ideas. The logic is this that all ideas should be allowed to operate in a free free market environment where everybody's exposed to all sorts of ideas without fear of censorship and where the best ideas outweigh the others on the face of their marriage. The moment that you censor or ban something that is fundamental to human curiosity you will create a black market for it. We even saw it with alcohol. Aw during the prohibition era in the US where speakeasy were created. Now I know speakeasy tend to be associated with these sort of hipster venues today in two thousand thousand nineteen but interestingly enough these were illicit establishments that served alcohol which came into prominence as a direct result of alcohol being banned and during the Prohibition Era American media giants a Andy Networks which is the broadcasting wing of the Walt Disney Company estimates. That there were more than and five hundred thousand speakeasy on the east coast of the US alone. History Dot com also owned by a and tells us how Al Capone the gangsters dominated take Chicago in the one thousand..

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