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It's it's there so it's about an illusion about creating this false scarcity so it makes it look like we would see everybody's standing in line and can't wait to get it and we just can't get out fast enough. No that's not what's happening. People are actively showing you that regardless of the narrative and the false majority. What they tell you. Everybody thinks they don't think that they don't want this thing so now they're saying well because of you it's gonna take seven years now. That's the thing i keep saying. What happened to going back to the norm. Going going back to normal right vaccine will bring us back and we can go back to what we had in the mask and all this stuff is only temporary seven years. If you knew in the beginning this would last seven years. Would you still be okay with allowing this to happen. It says it will take seven years to end the coronavirus pandemic by getting shots in the arms of seventy five percent. And this is what we told you in the beginning remember. I'll get into the ins and outs of a on. Who said what. And why and just making sure we're understanding. This vaccine was always the way. This was going to be manipulated. Right right the earliest point. They were setting the tone saying we need to make sure we reach immunity. And that's when this will be over right which in the beginning it was just simply once. We have the vaccine. This'll be over then. It quickly moved to well now but of course we need to get them in arms of people that it will be over. Oh well then we need to make sure we reach her immunity level event. It will be over no now. We know that that's only gonna last for a couple of months. We need another one and then after that and we get them. Then it'll be. It's just go post moving every time seventy five percent of people getting this. I don't that will never happen..

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