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It into a ball. I asked him if he shows sweatshirt. Or something i can wear that. He got me a light. Blue silk hero shows. Joyce pulled the shirt over her torso. The man didn't give her any pants and then she followed him out of the bedroom. He didn't cover her. Is this time and thanks to a single light. He had left on in the kitchen. She was able to see the layout of the house. He led her threw it out the side door and onto the driveway. The moon just two days short of full painted the landscape with soft silver light. Joyce glanced around. She saw several bags of trash sitting next to the door. She noticed a carport but no garage and she saw the car or red mazda. The man led her over to the car and sat her down in the passenger seat. Right side up this time. He put his key in the ignition and turned it. The car's headlights popped up from the hood. Joyce made note of that detail. The car had flip up lights. The man backed out of the driveway then headed east in the moonlight. Joyce could see the looming figure of the wasatch mountains on the horizon unmistakable. Even at night but she wasn't sure exactly where in sunset they were. She caught a glimpse of a road. Sign that read two hundred west. The man made a few turns before ending up at a place. Joyce did recognize the on ramp. To the i fifteen freeway. At six fifty north in clearfield the city immediately to the south of sunset. The west gate of hill air force base sat just across the overpass. Joyce's sister dorothy house which she visited frequently was only a quarter of a mile or so to the southeast the pier where joyce had had dinner with her friend like spare just hours earlier was right down the road as well the man who had abducted her and repeatedly raped her seemed to be lost in thought as he steered the car onto the freeway. I'm really a nice person. He said after a time. I don't normally do things like this was feeling terrible. And he said. I probably won't ever get to see you again. I didn't even wanna tell them at that point that he was absolutely correct. Because i knew. I still wasn't home. Yeah to joyce it seemed. As though he was feeling remorse he took my hand held my hand and i said i have a feeling. You're probably a gentleman. Yeah he said. I'm the tights attempts roses and vice presence. You know those nice things. The type that sends roses the car continued. North every rotation of its tires bringing joyce that much closer to home. It exited the freeway and turned onto fortieth street. The peak of mount dogan looming five thousand vertical feet above.

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