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Okay, two questions. What is this thought on? And this is my theory. Pelosi going to Taiwan. We know about Pelosi's husband and how he somehow happens to make more money on every stock option than any other trader. In fact, they even have an app on Google that you can purchase that tracks every purchase he makes so that you can do the exact same thing he does. This guy, I think, you know, we gave $30 billion just recently a way to tight excuse me for a semiconductor semiconductor something in the United States where we're going to subsidize them in order to get them back in the U.S.. I bet he's going to see knew that that's when she has her queue to go over there and figure out and make a side arrangement for things having to do with semiconductor, let's let our guest adjacent to certainly to our discussion. That's been a large part of the discussion, Scott space. Has been the ulterior motives on the part of Nancy Pelosi either distracting from her husband's drunk driving trial that comes up today or there have been many questions raised over the years about the propriety of insider trading in the Pelosi family. If you have any thoughts about that, feel free. Sure, I'll try to thank you for the questions and comments even I'll try to link all three together. On Pelosi going to Taiwan. To my view is on the one hand, I believe that U.S. government officials should be should be able to travel where they want. And in theory, I don't see a problem with it. But as I was saying before, this is viewed as a direct state to state relationship with a territory that Mainland China views is part of China. So as they said, they view it as illegal and somebody used the word invasion. I will just say whatever our moralistic view of the trip is. These types of things are very provocative to China. And if we don't have the ability to back up our either our words or provocative actions we're required, it is dangerous. So what I often say is there was threats to shoot down the plane by, I think, a journalist actually, but if China decided to seize one of the small Taiwanese islands close to Mainland China, are we prepared? How would the U.S. or Taiwan react? If China did something smaller, like we have to be prepared for the responses and I don't know sometimes when people like Pelosi make these tricks for domestic political reasons that they've thought through the potential consequences. That's my view on that. With regards to with regards to her husband, her husband buying stock, I think that's actually related to China in the west. What I mean is, I personally think that there's no reason for any of these members of the Senate or House of Representatives to be buying individual stocks. They obviously have a ton of insider information and they can abuse that. They should all be banned, like many companies banned their employees from trading in individual shares. They should ban all of them from playing in the market and taking other kickbacks. China itself manipulates this in the way they also pay off different people and create so called business opportunities for both the bidens and trumps and others. So look, I agree with you entirely. As for the $30 billion for semiconductors, all I would say is, look, I generally also don't like what I call corporate pork or subsidies. That said, the U.S. is a laggard right now in semiconductors. And China is massively subsidizing it. And I admit, I don't know what else to do about the fact that if the U.S. doesn't do something, we could end up in a situation and only 5 or ten years where China has a much more advanced semiconductor industry than the U.S. and these are obviously critically important for military applications. So why are we depending on the Chinese for anything? Semiconductor chips, pharmaceuticals, anything. I mean, whatever we were doing at that Wuhan research lab, a working with the Chinese, they're a pack of liars, which I'll get to in a moment we're overdue for a break. But suffice it to say, I'm in favor of a virtual embargo on dealing with China at all. We'll be back with more in a moment. NFL

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