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It was Beverly and besides singing and song writing Beverly is also an actor and a mom you're listening to the song that inspired the story right now yellow dress it will use this is not our next story is from a man in Detroit his question comes via telephone here's lead Thomas I'm standing in line at the grocery store and I'm there to get the essentials you know pop tarts olives for the paper I'm a dude and so I feel this guy staring at me intensely I can feel like he's burning a hole in the side of my head it's intense you know he's looking at me so hard it's like she smells something terrible he's just quick face looking at me and I can just feel it now usually that's a problem someone staring at you you give a mean face you know the face you use when you're walking down the street here in the city or any city you want to be left alone and given that mean face and they stop looking hopefully but this time I decided to do something different because the truth is is I'm not a mean dude kind of the kind of guy who cannot always has fun but as little as like the sing song kind of do a little dance studio just smile to make people smile in people would stare at me so I usually say it's because I'm devastatingly handsome I call myself the spotted Denzel Washington what's up girl but the truth is I have a disease called vitiligo it's two percent of the world's population has it is not life threatening it's not contagious but it does get you a lot of attention get you a lot of stairs so today instead of giving me face I decided to do something different I just let him stay here in men did the guys there I'm putting my stuff on the conveyor I'm checking out he's checking out on the other island he's looking and I'm let them look and I think he doesn't know that I'm let them look what he's looking he's lookin and we both check out at the same time we head towards the exit and he still look it in so we get to the door to leave and we actually make eye contact face to face and I just decide I got a break this and I look right at him and I say Hey buddy what's up and he won't hi and I think at that point he realized that he was a grown man staring at another grown man which you know is usually a problem so I wanted to break the ice a little bit and not make their tension and I I I said if it's a disease cover like a man it's it's not life threatening it's not contagious it is just kind of cosmetic and it just looks very different I I get a lot of attention and then the guy actually asked me a question the lancers question and we talk a little bit me ask me another question so I end up talking to the guy in the grocery store for like a good five minutes it it it was good in the end of our conversation he says to me if you don't have in Largo it's vitiligo but you know he was trying if you didn't have the Largo you look just like that guy on TV and I left it on my laptop I go high yeah yeah I get that all the time but you know I go to my car and I I just sit there and stare out the window because the truth is is in the city I live in Detroit I am that guy on TV I in the anchor of the morning show I am a reporter for a local station and I have been covering my vitiligo have been and still do cover my vitiligo with make up when I'm on TV and most people never even notice so for him I am that guy not wearing make up on TV is not a big deal this is New York you guys know this if you're on TV you got to cover blemishes you you gotta make it the sign go away make up is not a big deal on television but not only am I on television and entertainment reporter so I interview I'm gonna I'm gonna cosmetic job in a superficial industry and I interviewed the most beautiful people in the world right so I cover my face with make up because I don't want to lose my job I think if they know what I actually look like then it might kind of be over so I just do it everybody else on TV does cover it up and keep it moving and that goes pretty well I cover everything except my hands the vitiligo the pigment disorder you just lose your color for African Americans it's very drastic you look like you have some white spots all over your body but the hands completely go away no I tried to cover my hands with make up and it's brown make up follow me here you have brown make up on and you touch any part of your body during the day you're going to have a brown spot you shake somebody's hand they're going to walk away with brown on their hand you know like I do this is my mom's fault I'd rather people think that I have a disease then thirty because my mom you know this is hard my mom would always say we may not have a lot but at least we're clean down to the underwear thanks mama the so a cover with makeup it worked have a good career many years one day this lady calls me she says her son has vitiligo people with vitiligo noticed the hands in the call or write a letter and reach out that's cool she said her son wanted to talk to me and I said okay having call me after the newscast tomorrow and he did the fourteen year old kid he said that like go for a while he had straight days the kid was in the karate he seemed like he had his head on straight and I talked to the kid for like twenty or thirty minutes and we go back and forth with vitiligo stories and we talk about how to deal with the stairs and all kinds of war stories it was a good conversation and then he says Mister Thomas I have to ask you a question anytime someone announces a question you know it's something so I go okay he goes would you show your face on TV without make up on and I was like hero okay you because my boss had been asking me to do that for like two or three years in the news director and I wasn't gonna do it I was telling her let me think about it because you can't tell your boss no this is nothing you can do so I tell you let me think about it because I know I would just end up seeing watch the black man turning white tonight at five did they get that done a promo that's going to run for ever thanks to ready for that so this kid asking me the same question was different than my boss so I said to him why and he says if you show people what you look like maybe they'll treat me differently wow the kid blew my blinders off you know those blinders that.

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