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Serve. I think stuck next to someone who does because also it's like they would go. Diarrhea wouldn't be having diarrhea. Pants are the ones that they were going diary. Either you up to go diarrhea pants or the person you're sitting next to us to go diarrhea but I think I'd rather honestly have the person next to me. Go down because that's hard to recover from. Yeah Yeah I think I don't know who can think you as you well know. Go Diarrhea. Mommy mom would you rather you'RE GONNA love? Would you rather have billy eyelashes future or Madonna's legacy Future wow burn door open. Because you're just saying she has so much ahead of her and Madonna has so much behind her. I don't know I just never really been into Madonna songs. I'm not really into Billy Irish songs but I think she's Kinda cool. I don't know all right engine. Does anyone have one out. Well how are we doing lost and we all answer it? Okay okay I think I have one would well. This one's kind of stupid actually. Does anyone have a good one. I have one for Maria. I don't know if I'm allowed to ask or worse. This is when I ask a lot of people and I'm wondering it's Okay You. Would you rather have a little tiny dog that fits in your hand and you have to keep it on your person at all times and beat off to feed it or anything but it's constantly screaming very quietly like always making noise all day or once a day? This is the other thing. Once a day a guerilla into the room wherever you are grabs your hand and for two full minutes screaming as loud as it can and you get to pick the time of day but it has to be the same time every day. I want the puppy. You want tiny dog always. That's always a good choice. People this this is my. It's not my Go-to I'd just make the rounds on. Podcast asking this question. I'll answer that one. I'm going to go gorilla really. Yeah question to guerrilla. What time what time would you have that guerrilla? Come IN MORNING. Maybe two week in the morning. Yeah before things get started because I never know where I'm going to be at seven PM. Two minutes I think I can handle that. I think really for me and I would do it at like one thirty pm to get me out of my after lunch slump. No Good Sasha. I'd probably get to like me out the gorilla. I can't the whole screaming constantly would really irritate me. Thank me but it'd be something Bargin in scaring me all the time you're expecting it. It's the same time every day right doesn't matter when I'm expecting a delivery her war. I'm still scared out of my boots when the rang Mac. And what's your answer? I think I gotTa do the gorilla and I think I gotta do like. I like a two PM. I like what I think and I can't you know 'cause I don't maybe I'm sleeping in that I want to have that option Let's let's get back to business. Mike Gorilla friend is here. It would be hard if you were at work or something or say onset but I guess if you knew ahead of time you just you would just have to tell everyone. Listen I need like a middle way calcium and drive on if you're on set. What was that? Sasha hard guerrilla coming to guys this has been illuminating? It's been electrifying drian illustrious and thanks so much for being on you guys dream come true thank you so much thank you. It's so nice and fans come on. It's so nice to have the greatest of all time. Thank you so much for making amazing things all the time. You guys are great I area..

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